Curr & Dewar Auction

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1£20>£30£50.00Collection of Owl Ornaments and Plates etc
2£20>£30£40.00Aynsley Tea and Coffee China and Tuscan Coffee China
3£20>£30£25.00Japanese Eggshell Porcelain Tea China, Figures, Vases and Serving Dish
4£20>£30£25.00Minton Blue and Gilt Vase, 3 Hummel Figures, Crystal and Ceramics
5£30>£40£10.00Two African Carved Wood Busts, 2 Figures and 2 David Shepherd Plates
6£30>£40£15.00Denby Cream and Brown Dinner Service and Part Service
7£20>£30£15.00Six Boxes of Record Collector Magazines
8£20>£30£5.00Selection of Pictures and a Floodlight
9£20>£30£10.00Clarice Cliff Celtic Harvest Salad Bowl, Pictures, Royal Worcester China, Johnson Bros Dinner Service etc
10£30>£40£45.00Six Aynsley Orchard Gold Derwent Platter Plates and 4 Crocus Plates
11£30>£40£40.00Aynsley Orchard Gold Chantelle Coffee Table Dish and 6 Dinner Plates
12£30>£40£45.00Aynsley Orchard Gold Clock, 2 Jugs and 2 Pots
13£25>£35£55.00Charles G L Phillips, Etching, College Gateway St. Andrews, 2 Other St. Andrews Etchings and a Box of 6 Beakers
14£20>£40£10.00Kitchen Scales, Costume Jewellery, Indian Box, Butter Pots, Crystal and Other Glasswares etc
15£30>£40£35.00Denby Mayflower Dinner Service, 57 pieces
16£30>£40£45.00Arts and Crafts Pewter Biscuit Barrel and Other Pewter Items
17£20>£30£5.00Crystal Whisky Decanter, Wine Jug, Coalport, 2 Jugs and 3 Paperweights
18£10>£20£5.00Selection of Modern Dolls
19£20>£30£60.00Wedgwood 12 Days of Christmas Trinket Boxes and a Small Vase
20£20>£30£35.00Collection of Rocks and Stones
21£20>£30£35.00Action Man Sailor and Eagle Eye Action Man etc
22£30>£40£10.00Royal Doulton Bunnykins Baby Dish and 3 Winnie The Pooh Nursery Items
23£20>£30£10.00Pair of Binoculars, Water Jug, Jewellery, Hip Flask etc
24£30>£40£35.00Drambuie Liqueur, Napoleon Brandy and Other Spirits
25£15>£25£10.00Illustrated London News, Books, Stoneware Pot and Other Ceramics etc
26£20>£30£35.00Engineers Chest of 4 Drawers, Box with Boules, Tripods etc
27£10>£20£15.00LPs, Briefcase, Picture etc
28£30>£40£45.00Victorian Tin Tray, Tray Table, Brass Plaque, Small Brass Top Coffee Table, Inkwells etc
29£30>£40£10.00Three Boxes of Mixed Ceramics and Glasswares, Calendar Prints etc
30£20>£40 Did not sell Two Boxes of Decorative Prints
31£30>£40£20.00Selection of Books etc including Sea Fights of The Great War, W L Wyllie and M F Wren
32£20>£30£30.00Box of Cutlery, Weights, Jewellery etc
33£15>£25£15.00Victorian Printed Pottery Basin, Oriental and Other Ceramics
34£15>£25£10.00Selection of Decanters, Glass Bowls, Goblets and Dishes
35£30>£40£50.00Victorian Printed Pottery Ashets, Dishes, Plates etc
36£20>£30£35.00Selection of Paperweights, Onyx Eggs and a Terracotta Animal
37£20>£30£10.00Kitchen Scales, Decorative Ceramics, Glass and Metalwares
38£20>£30£10.00Sets of 6 Crystal Wine Goblets, Tumblers and Other Glasswares
39£30>£40£75.00Various Sets of Lawn Bowls
40£30>£50£100.00Pair of Victorian Blue and White Printed Pottery Tureens, 3 Ashets and Various Plates
41£15>£25£20.00Three Bells Decanters, Decorative Ceramics etc
42£30>£50£95.00Victorian Blue and White Printed Pottery, Ashet, Soup Tureen, Sauce Tureen, Dishes etc
43£20>£30£15.00Selection of Oriental Ceramics, Printed Ceramics, Carved Book Slide etc
44£20>£30£25.00Selection of Blue and Green Glasswares, Oriental Ceramics etc
45£20>£30£30.00Wooden Bowl, Wooden Cats, Jewel Box and Petit Point Dressing Table Set etc
46£40>£60£55.00Two Kits, Jackets and Other Items
47£20>£30£35.00Scalextric, Hot Shot, Bagatelle, Super Soccer, Sheet Music etc
48£20>£30£25.00Hickory Golf Club, Pictures, Megaphone and Boxes of Ceramics, Glass, Clock etc
49£20>£30£25.00Oriental Ceramics, Brass Vase, Pictures, Glass and Metalwares
50£20>£30£20.00Selection of Ceramics, Glasswares, Cutlery, Seed Boxes etc
51£20>£30£20.00Oak Biscuit Barrel, Father Neptune Jug, Glass Eagle and 2 Paperweights
52£20>£30£20.00Twelve Zingle Berry Ornaments
53£30>£50£85.00Victorian Blue and White Painted Punch Bowl, Italian Scenery Plaque, Masons American Marine Dishes and Spodes Italian
54£20>£30£15.00Embossed Brass Jardiniere, Safe Plaques and 5 Copper Lustre Jugs
55£30>£50£55.00Chinese Carved Wood Buddha, Oriental Vase Stands, Carved Figure and Plaque
56£20>£30£30.00Two Oriental Ginger Jars, Vases, Bowl, Figures and Ornaments
57£30>£50£40.00Collection of Victorian and Later Royal Commemorative Mugs etc (42)
58£20>£30£5.00Selection of Delft Clogs, Thimbles, Dinnerwares, Metalwares etc
59£20>£30£30.00News Rack, 2 Pairs of Binoculars and a Collection of Trinket Boxes
60£50>£80£100.00Six Albums and a Box of World Stamps
61£30>£50£130.00Three Victorian Blue and White Printed Ashets, Various Dishes and Comport
62£30>£40£90.00Selection of 19th Century and Other Glasswares
63£10>£20£5.00Selection of Dolls and 4 Pictures
64£20>£30£35.00Jewellery, Watches, Cameras and Phones
65£30>£40£75.00Box of Military Plaque and Pictures including Special Boat Service and a German Bayonet
66£20>£30£40.00Boxes of Toy Vehicles, Games, Tools and Tin Box
67£20>£30£40.00Silver Plated Cocktail Shaker, Ice Pail, Coasters, Toast Rack etc
68£10>£20£5.00Box of Crystal and Other Glasswares
69£20>£30£20.00Eumig Cine Camera, Projector, Viewer and Screen
70£20>£30£5.00Speakers, Ceramics, Books and Miscellaneous
71£20>£30£20.00West German Pottery Vase, Hornsea Kitchen Items and Other Ceramics etc
72£15>£25£15.00Full Length Wall Mirror and Various Pictures
73£20>£30£45.00Box with Danish Wimblad Dish and Vase, Royal Doulton Figure, Ceramics, Wooden Items etc
74£30>£40£40.00Two Traditional Border Pattern Rugs
75£20>£30£35.00Lantern Light Fitting, Brass Jam Pan and a Trivet
76£30>£40£15.00Balgavies Place Street Sign
77£20>£30£36.00Nine Fishing Rods
78£15>£25£25.00Three Coal Hods
79£40>£60£20.00Bell Telephone and GPO Dial Telephones
80£20>£30£30.00Two Chiming Mantel Clocks and a Battery Clock
81£20>£30£50.00Two Decorative Oriental Style Table Lamps with Shades
82£20>£30£30.00Two Decorative Oriental Style Table Lamps with Shades
83£30>£40£30.00Stainless Steel Water Boiler
84£15>£25£20.00Victorian Pottery Venus Jardiniere and 2 Printed Jugs
85£30>£40£5.00Unusual Washing Machine Drum Pendant Light Fitting
86£30>£40£50.00Wrought Metal Weather Vane
87£30>£50£40.0019th Century Silver Plated Meat Cover, Swing Handle Basket and 2 Serving Dishes
88£40>£60£36.00Collection of Royal Worcester Evesham Oven to Tablewares
89£20>£30£20.00Sony 20in TV and Humax Freesat with Remotes
90£20>£30£30.00Sony 22in TV with Remote
91£20>£30£21.00Sony 19in TV, DVD and Freesat with Remotes
92£10>£20£16.00Panasonic Mini Hi-Fi with Remotes
93£15>£25£25.00Coopered Wood Coal Box
94£20>£30£26.00Three Vintage Leather Suitcases
95£50>£80£75.00Victorian Metal Book Press
96£20>£40£10.00Tasco Galaxee Telescope
97£20>£30£12.00Shooting Stick and Others, Basket, Glasswares, Binoculars etc
98£40>£60£60.00Traditional Gilt Frame Wall Mirror, 75x56cm
99£30>£50£35.00Crafter Junior Electric Guitar and Bontempi Acoustic Guitar
100£20>£30£12.00Astro Life Telescope
101£20>£30£15.00Jack Vettriano Print and a Sunburst Style Picture
102£30>£40£30.00Stagg SW206CETU-LH BK Acoustic Guitar
103£50>£80£80.00Tonewood Banjo
104£30>£40£35.00Stagg SW203LH-BK Acoustic Guitar
105£15>£25£15.00Three Walking Sticks and 2 Umbrellas
106£20>£30£25.00Sunflower Tile Picture, 32x40cm
107£10>£15£5.00Two Shipping Prints and a Picture of T E Lawrence
108£20>£30£20.00Box of Hummel, Nao and Other Ceramics, Glass and 2 Decorative Pictures
109£30>£50£5.00Selection of Paintings and Pictures
110£30>£50£30.00Boxed Croquet Set
111£15>£25£35.00Dog Garden Ornament
112£30>£40£80.00W D Lavender, Oil Painting, River and Bridge, along with Walker, 2010, Oil Painting (2)
113£30>£50£60.00Boxed Croquet Set
114£15>£25£12.00Ethnic Pottery Candle Burner
115£20>£30£30.00Egyptian Embossed Metal Plaque, 50x70cm
116£20>£30£20.00Victorian Wooden Washing Dolly
117£20>£30£20.00Two Rustic Wooden Stools
118£20>£30£20.00Kilt and Sporran
119£20>£30£21.00Parquetry Inlaid Deed Box, 40x22cm
120£20>£30£30.00Satsuma Style Table Lamp with Shade
121£20>£30£15.00Pottery Stick Stand with Walking Sticks and Shooting Stick
122£30>£40£14.00Carved Oak Case Barometer
123£60>£80£70.0019th Century Continental Carved Wood Bust, Portrait of an Old Woman, 35cm high
124£15>£25£10.00Cast Metal Figure of Tony Weller, 40cm high
125£20>£30£35.00Highland Park Spirit Barrel
126£40>£60£65.00Pair of Charles Rennie Mackintosh Style Table Lamps
127£20>£30£10.00Set of 3 Barrel Moulded Pottery Jugs
128£15>£25£30.00Two Silver Plated Muffin Dishes, Butter Dish and Jug
129£30>£50£40.00Ginger Jar Style Table Lamp with Shade
130£15>£25£5.00Three Circular Wicker Frame Mirrors, 60cm diameter
131£20>£30£25.00Selection of Decorative Pictures
132£20>£30£45.00Pair of Graduated Oval Mahogany Trays
133£20>£30£30.001921 Presentation Oak and Silver Plate Gallery Tray
134£20>£30£80.00Roberts Sound 200 CD Radio with Remote
135£20>£30£50.00Two Rustic Wooden Boxes and a Book Stand
136£20>£30£20.00Childs Rocking Chair
137£20>£30£25.00Four Pieces of Coloured Art Glass
138£15>£20£25.00Four Female Portrait Prints
139£200>£300£300.00Multi Scale Slide Rule Designed by Major General Hannyngton, Aston & Mander & Co. Makers London, with Case, 82x20cm
140£60>£80£80.00Copper Coal Bucket with Lion Mask Handles and Paw Feet, 41cm high
141£30>£50£55.00Oval Copper Coal Bucket with Lion Mask Handles and Paw Feet, 30cm high
142£20>£30£20.00Two Fur Coats and a Hat
143£20>£30£10.00Bag of Linen
144£20>£30£20.00Paragon Country Lane Tea and Coffee China, 33 pieces
145£20>£30 Did not sell Four Bird Prints, Framed Bookmarks and a Portrait (8)
146£20>£30£25.00George Houghton, 6 Signed Comical Golfing Prints
147£20>£30£35.00Olivetti Studio 42 Portable Typewriter
148£200>£300£340.00Pair of Chinese Porcelain Baluster Vases Painted with Figures and Scenes, 46cm high
149£30>£50£50.00Pair of 19th Century Blue and White Printed Pottery Drainers with Stands
150£30>£50£50.00Pair of Satsuma Pottery Vases Painted with Figures and Scenes, one chipped, 30cm high
151£20>£40£45.00Wedding Dress and Others
152£20>£30£20.00Spode The Cabinet Collection Coffee Set, 19 pieces
153£30>£40£36.00Montreux Clarinet, cased
154£15>£25£30.00Box of Coins, Quaich, Silver Back Brush Small Frames etc
155£20>£30£25.00Tuscan and New Chelsea Porcelain 14 Piece Coffee Set
156£20>£30£20.00Silver Baby Spoon, Edinburgh 1925, Cased, along with a Mustard Spoon and 2 Condiment Forks
157£50>£80£50.00Pair of Silver Salts on Paw Feet, London 1756, one glass liner
158£30>£50£55.00Pair of Silver Mustard Pots, Sheffield 1902, along with a Continental Spoon and Cake Slice
159£50>£80£70.00Wallace Sterling Silver Oval Dish, 7oz
160£120>£180£140.00Victorian Silver 2 Handle Sugar Bowl, London 1848, 16oz
161£100>£150£130.00Shaped Silver Card Tray by Wilson & Sharp Ltd. Edinburgh, London 1924, 13oz
162£100>£150£130.00Shaped Silver Card Tray, Sheffield 1924, 13oz
163£40>£60£90.00Two Albums of Stamps, British Isles and British Commonwealth
164£20>£30£65.00Album of Postcards and Covers, Queen Victoria to Edward VII, and an Album of GB Postage Due Stamps
165£20>£30£25.00Album of Ephemera Relating to The Opening of The Forth Road Bridge 4th September 1964
166£20>£30£45.00Pair of Zeiss Jenoptem 8x30 Binoculars, Kodak and Adox Cameras, with cases
167£20>£30£35.00Houghton- Butcher Ensign Carbine Tropical Model Camera with Case
167A£20>£30 Did not sell Three Albums of Stamps
168£20>£30£15.00Boxed and Loose Cutlery
169£120>£180£120.00Antique 18ct Gold Diamond and Opal Ring
170£25>£40£35.00Vintage Watermans Fountain Pen and Matching Pencil
171£25>£40£20.00Masonic Gold Enamel Brooch, Earrings etc
172£10>£20£5.00Watches, Including Seiko, Watch Parts etc
173£10>£20£5.00Box of Collectables, Clocks, Metalware and Coins
174£50>£75 Did not sell Sheffield Silver Cream Jug
175£35>£55£55.00Two Vintage Dunhill Briar Pipes
176£10>£20£10.00Silver and Marbled Pencils and a Figural Pencil Sharpener
177£10>£20£15.00Nokia, I Phone and Other Mobile Phones
178£10>£20£15.00Jewellery, Brooches, Venetian Necklace etc
179£10>£20£15.00Silver Pocket Watch and Another (2)
180£140>£210 Did not sell Victorian Silver Presentation Trowel with Carved Handle
181£25>£40£33.00London Silver Keywind Pocket Watch
182£25>£40£25.00Birmingham Silver Jewish Kiddish Goblet
183£10>£20£15.00Chatelaine Perfume Bottle and Miniature Mirror
184£20>£30£30.00Silver Pocket Watch, Hunter Watch and Watch Parts
185£10>£20£20.00Enamel and Gem Set Bracelets etc
186£45>£70£50.00Pair of 18ct Gold Opalescent Earrings
187£30>£45£60.00Charles Horner Silver Thistle Brooch and Another
188£55>£85 Did not sell Gents Zenith Watch
189£10>£20£35.00Brooches including Silver Gilt Coral Brooch etc
190£25>£40£25.00Ethnic Spear, Bow, Arrows and Quiver
191£40>£60£40.00Pierced Art Deco 1935 Silver Overlaid Coaster
192£45>£70£65.00Silver Purse
193£25>£40 Did not sell Victorian Engraved Gold Plated Oval Picture Locket
194£10>£20£15.00Parker Fountain Pen and Pencil Set with Bottle Ink
195£100>£150 Did not sell Antique Dutch Engraved Brass Tobacco Box
196£70>£105 Did not sell Antique Silver Paste Easel Miniature Picture Frame
197£15>£25£15.00Stainless Steel Fish Kettle
198£20>£30£20.00Five Silver Plated Entree Dishes
199£20>£30£45.00Pair of Chinese Porcelain Dragon Handle Mugs Blue and White Decorated with Scenes, 14cm high, both chipped
200£30>£40£40.00Modern Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Jardiniere
201£30>£50£10.00Two Silver Plated Samovars
202£20>£30£25.00Glass Triple Gourd Vase and a Crystal Biscuit Box
203£20>£30£25.00Maling May Bloom Plate, 29cm Diameter, along with 3 Other Maling Items (4)
204£20>£30£15.00Two West German Pottery Floor Vases
205£20>£30 Did not sell Mahogany 3 Tier Folding Cakestand
206£30>£50£20.00Victorian Walnut Lid Top 2 Door Table Cabinet, 54cm wide
207£60>£100£60.00Oak Table Top 2 Door Display Case, 62cm wide
208£30>£50£20.00Silver Plated Monteith Punch Bowl with Ladle
209£150>£200£160.00Victorian Barograph in an Oak and Bevelled Glass Case
210£30>£50£75.00Selection of 19th Century and Other Glasswares
211£30>£50£20.00Selection of Royal Worcester Evesham Oven to Tablewares, 21 pieces
212£10>£20£5.00Four Pottery Casseroles
213£30>£40£15.00Selection of Silver Plated and Other Cutlery
214£30>£40£10.00Denby Bramwell Dinner Service, 66 Pieces
215£20>£30£10.00Paragon Athena Coffee Set, 42 Pieces
216£20>£30£20.00Two Crystal Decanters, Set of 6 Wine Goblets and Others
217£20>£30£30.00Thai Carved Wood Deity and a Selection of Decorative Items and 2 Snuff Bottles
218£20>£30£5.00Three Crystal Vases, Water Jug, 2 Bowls, Glasses and Dishes
219£20>£30£30.00Sets of 10 & 6 Crystal Whisky Tumblers
220£20>£30£5.00Minton Vanessa 23 Piece Tea Set and Edward Tea China
221£15>£20£10.00Foot Stool and Brass Jam Pan
222£20>£30£30.00Three Thai Puppets
223£20>£30£30.00Scrivia Portable Typewriter
224£20>£30£10.00Vintage Doctors Case and Leather Wallet
225£60>£80£80.00Metzler Rosewood Clarinet with Case and a Flute with Case (2)
226£20>£30£30.00GEC Miniscope and Another Machine
227£20>£30£25.00Box with Printing Blocks, Oil Lamp, Jewel Box etc
228£20>£30£35.00Maling Peony Rose and Storm Jugs, a Jardiniere and Derby Pattern Teapot with Stand and Twin Pots (6)
229£20>£30£40.00Pair of Continental Porcelain Vases, Pair of Oriental Pottery Vases and Eggs
230£30>£50£10.00Suite of 41 Pieces of Stem Glasses
231£20>£30£5.00Selection of 8 Decorative Pictures
232£20>£30£20.00Box of Postcards, Cigarette Cards etc
233£30>£40£45.00Selection of Model Electric Railways
234£20>£30£10.00Boxes of Ceramics, Glass, Books, Holdall etc
235£20>£30£15.00Boxes of Christmas Decorations
236£20>£30£20.00Pair of Victorian Moulded Pottery Jugs, Ridgeways, Burns Plates, Royal Copenhagen Calendar Plaques
237£20>£30£20.00Brass Toasting Forks and 4 Brass Skims
238£30>£50£150.00Selection of 19th Century and Later Blue and White Printed Dishes and Plates
239£20>£30£10.00Two Crystal Water Jugs and Various Decanters
240£20>£30£25.00Spode Collectors Plates, Thimbles, Edwardian Tea China, Paperweights, Ashet and Other Ceramics and Collectables
241£30>£40£40.00Silver Plated Teapots, Water Jugs, Dishes, Sugar Castor etc
242£20>£30£25.00Oriental Ceramics and Ornaments, Character Jugs, Decorative Items etc
243£20>£30£30.00Three Auld Lang Syne Jumbo Cups, Victorian Blue and White Printed Plates and Others
243A£10>£20£25.00Box of Metalwares, Oriental and Other Ceramics etc
244£30>£40£45.00Selection of Oriental Porcelain Vases and Jars (15)
245£20>£30£40.00Two Boxes of Brass and Copper Items
246£20>£30£10.00Bretby Chinoiserie Plaque, Oriental Plate, Cauldron Jardiniere and Tartan Bowl
247£20>£30£40.00Losolware Dish, Decorative Plates, Figure Ornaments, Ladles, Metalwares etc
248£20>£30£10.00Four Circular Wicker Mirrors, 60cm diameter
249£20>£30£21.00Four Boxes of Mixed Ceramics, 2 Boxes of Champagne Flutes and Pictures
250£20>£30£5.00Gilt Frame Overmantel Mirror, 97cm wide, and 2 Others
251£20>£30£25.00Boxed Cutlery, Cookery and Other Books, 2 Gollies, Glass Vases, Baskets etc
252£20>£30£10.00Sewing Machine, Vases, Christmas Tree Base and 3 Boxes of Decorative Items
253£20>£30£70.00Various Boxes of Table Centre Vases, Feathers, Artificial Flowers and Other Decorations
254£20>£30£5.00Two Boxes of Table Casters ,Vases, Candle Holders etc
255£15>£25£5.00Crystal Trumpet Shape Vase, 20cm high
256£30>£40£60.00Pair of Late 19th/Early 20th Century Ladies Shoes
257£200>£300 Did not sell Minton Majolica Group of 2 Dogs of Fo in Aquamarine and Royal Blue Glaze, Impressed Marks, No. 1622, 19cm high
258£20>£30£10.00Royal Doulton Alison HN 2336, Wedgwood Glass Mushroom and a Dresden Dish (3)
259£10>£20£10.00Large Beswick Character Jug Sairey Gamp, No 371
260£20>£30 Did not sell Capo Di Monte Porcelain Figure of The Basket Repairer, 20cm high
261£20>£30£10.00Royal Cauldon Cairo Ware Vase Signed Griffin. H. Portland, 15cm high along with a Maling Peony Rose Vase
262£20>£30£40.00White Metal Lion Head Snuff Box
263£20>£30£55.00Three Chinese Silk Needlework Pictures
264£15>£20 Did not sell Watercolour of an Inn Scene, 9x18cm, Watercolour of a River Scene and a Copper RAF Picture (3)
265£20>£30£25.00Masons, Spode, Corona Ware Blue and White Jugs (4)
266£20>£30£10.00Two Victorian Pottery Hunting Scene Moulded Loving Cups
267£40>£60£45.00Victorian Porcelain Serpent Handle Jug, Figure Moulded Jug, Figure Group, Pair of Cat and Mouse Shoes and a Porcelain Teapot (6)
268£20>£30£20.00Wolf Sculpture Eskimo and Animal Group, 20cm high
269£20>£30£10.00Dora Barrett Stoneware Frog, 11cm long
270£40>£60£50.00Pair of Royal Crown Derby Frogs
271£20>£30£20.00Beswick Pig Ch. Wall Ch. Boy 53, a Beswick Calf and Dog (3)
272£200>£300£200.00Silver Bowl having Pierced Decoration and Paw Feet, Birmingham 1975, 14 oz
273£75>£115£75.00Victorian Silver Engraved Sugar Bowl, London 1876, 5oz
274£30>£40£45.00Walker and Hall Silver Sauce Boat, Sheffield 1947, 3oz
275£75>£115£75.00Small Art Nouveau Silver Pedestal Vase, Sheffield 1902, 5oz
276£90>£135£85.00Shaped Silver Card Tray by D&J Wellby Ltd Garrick St. London, London 1922, 9oz
277£20>£30£35.00Danish Silver Mounted Glass Miniature Spirit Decanter, 15cm high
278£60>£90£65.00Pair of Arts and Crafts Style Silver Candlesticks, 13.5cm high, Birmingham 1922
279£50>£80£45.00Pair of Silver 5 Bar Toast Racks, Birmingham 1933
280£60>£90£95.00Silver Faceted Helmet Shape Cream Jug, Chester 1899
281£20>£30£20.00Silver Mounted Cut Glass Scent Bottle, London 1913
282£20>£30£10.00Silver Top Cut Glass Sugar Sifter
283£20>£30£35.00Silver Pheasant Head Top Cut Glass Spirit Bottle, Birmingham 1978, 12cm high
284£20>£30£20.00Silver and Wood Decanter Coaster, Birmingham 1982
285£40>£60£35.00Silver Cigar Case of Fluted Form and with Engraved Decoration, Birmingham 1900
286£30>£40£31.00Oval Embossed Snuff Box and Small Engine Turned Box (2)
287£20>£30£30.00Shaped Oval Silver Snuff Box
288£20>£30£20.00Blue Enamelled Snuff Box and a Chinoiserie Lacquer Snuff Box (2)
289£20>£30£35.00Pair of Silver and Bakelite Napkin Rings, Cased, Birmingham 1930
290£60>£100£75.00Four Silver Plated Graduated Metal Covers
291£40>£60£50.00Victorian Patinated Spelter Lion with Snake, 34cm long
292£20>£30£55.00Carriage Clock (for repair), Dog Figure, Moore Pillar, Victorian Fruit Plates and Others
293£30>£40 Did not sell Carl Knoll Carlsbadd Shaped Porcelain Dish Decorated with Cherubs, Flowers and Gilt, 26cm wide
294£40>£60£120.00Three Latticino Glass Dishes and 3 Gilded Glass Dishes (6)
295£20>£40£35.00Victorian Pottery Dog Food Bowl
296£30>£40 Did not sell Kilt and Jacket and a Pair of Curtains
297£20>£30 Did not sell Two Victorian Copper Warming Pans with Turned Wood Handles
298£20>£30£20.00Two Boxes of Linen
299£50>£80 Did not sell Douglas Phillips, 2 Signed Limited Edition Prints, Dundee in The 1920's, and, Overgate in Winter
300£50>£80£45.00Set of 4 WWII Medals and Canada Voluntary Service Medal along with Badges, Decorations and Ephemera and a Hand Written Note, Insignia and Medals Awarded To Leslie Jones (Canadian Forces)
301£30>£40£30.00Silver Back 4 Piece Dressing Table Set, cased
302£60>£80£110.00Schatz Royal Mariner Binnacle Clock, 15cm diameter
303£20>£30£20.00Wedgwood Blue Jasper Biscuit Box, finial chipped, 22cm high
304£30>£40£10.00Eight Victorian Copper Lustre Pottery Jugs
305£40>£60£120.00Selection of Oriental Carved Wood Vase Stands and Others
306£20>£30£31.00Tin of Coins, Banknotes, Watches etc
307£20>£30£35.00Oriental Design Table Lamp with Shade
308£20>£30£40.00Victorian Carved Wood Box, 39cm wide
309£20>£30£15.00Victorian Rosewood and Mother of Pearl Inlaid Writing Box, 36cm wide
310£50>£80£65.00Pair of Cast Stone Garden Lions, 70cm long
311£30>£40 Did not sell Crystal Table Lamp
312£30>£50 Did not sell Wedgwood Susie Cooper Glen Mist Coffee Set, 27 pieces
313£20>£30£12.00Canterbury Bears Jointed Teddy
314£20>£30£20.00Eastern Copper Cooking Pot with Burner Stand
315£50>£80£35.00Canteen of Thai Cutlery, Boxes Teaspoons, Jam Spoon and Knife
316£30>£40 Did not sell Victorian Continental Porcelain Plaque Printed with a Boucher Scene of a Courting Couple, 34cm diameter
317£50>£80£130.00Crown Ducal Orange Tree Pattern Tea China, Egg Cruet and Toast Rack, 37 pieces
318£30>£40£25.00Collection of Italian Glass Animals and Other Items (12)
319£30>£50£25.00Chinese Porcelain Table Lamp with Shade
320£200>£300£130.0019th Century Killarney Marquetry Writing Slope having a Clover Border, Central Harp and Oval Panels of Castle and Abbey Ruins, 36cm wide
321£30>£40 Did not sell Eight Victorian Copper Lustre Pottery Jugs
322£30>£40 Did not sell Eight Victorian Copper Lustre Pottery Jugs
323£30>£40 Did not sell Eight Victorian Copper Lustre Pottery Jugs
324£30>£40£45.00Four Wooden Chinese Design Plate Stands
325£30>£40£80.00Griselda Hill Wemyss Thistle Painted Mug, 17cm high
326£20>£30£5.00Victorian Stoneware Mug having Applied Moulded Scene of a Stag Hunt, Windmill and Figures, 11cm high, along with a Doulton Stoneware Jug (2)
327£20>£30£15.00Four Continental Carved Wood Figures, largest 23.5cm high
328£20>£30 Did not sell Three Victorian Copper Lustre Pottery Mugs, Goblet, Jug and Stand (6)
329£40>£60£65.00Cloisonne Enamel Vase having Flowers and Butterfly on an Orange Ground, 12.5cm high, along with a Cloisonne Millifiori Vase (2)
330£20>£30£30.00Late 18th Century Chinese Export Porcelain Mug Painted with Garden Scene and Birds, 15cm high, along with a Pair of Pickle Dishes, some faults
331£20>£30£10.00Royal Doulton Knights Series Ware Jug, 16cm high, crazed, Mr Micawber Series Ware Spill Vase and a Doulton Burslem Shell Dish (3)
332£30>£40£30.00Tudric Pewter Vase, 13cm high, and an Art Deco Myott Vase (2)
333£30>£40£40.00Victorian Pottery Lizard and Frog Mug, repaired, and 9 Other Mugs/Cups (10)
334£30>£40£55.00Basil Matthews Majolica Glazed Pottery Bull, Nicky Calf and Lazy Daisey Cow (3)
335£20>£30 Did not sell Oriental Table Screen, Boxed Letter Seal Set, Three Pairs of Health Balls and 2 Boxes
336£40>£60£45.00Victorian Mahogany Travelling Scales and a Case of Weights
337£20>£30£20.00Three Large Royal Doulton Character Jugs, Sancho Panca, Paddy and John Peel
338£20>£30£18.00Five Small Royal Doulton Character Jugs, Falstaff, Auld Mac, John Barleycorn, Jester and The Falconer
339£20>£30£15.00Two Large Royal Doulton Character Jugs Old Charley and Auld Mac
340£15>£20£30.00Three Spode Tokio Printed Mugs and an Albion Pottery Mug (4)
341£30>£40£10.00Seven Victorian Copper Lustre Pottery Mugs
342£30>£40£70.00Ben ''Wrenman'' Hunter Oak Plate Stand
343£40>£60£80.0019th Century Brown Salt Glazed Pottery Spirit Barrel Applied with Royal Coat of Arms, Knights on Horseback, Lions etc, 27cm high
344£20>£30£35.0019th Century Pottery Mug Printed with Richard Cobden MP and a Phrase, along with a John Wesley Mug (2)
345£20>£30£20.00Four Sets of Weights and 3 Top Trumps Card Games
346£100>£150£180.00Wemyss T. Goode & Co. Pottery Mug Painted with Thistles, 14cm high
347£20>£30£30.00Victorian Willow Painted Pottery Frog Loving Cup, cracked, 10.5cm high
348£30>£40£10.0019th Century Pottery Delights of Home Fidelity Mug and 11 Other Victorian Mugs and Cups (12)
349£20>£30£15.00Victorian Porcelain Cup Inscribed in Gilt Jane Wilson 1875, 10cm high, and a Pottery Frog Mug (2)
350£20>£30£10.00Britains John Deere 7500 Self Propelled Forage Harvester
351£20>£30 Did not sell Elkington Silver Plated Fruit Comport, 15cm high
352£30>£40£10.00Pair of Victorian Staffordshire Pottery Wally Dogs, 28cm high
353£20>£30£40.00Moulded Plaque of 7 Monks Heads, 50cm long
354£20>£30£15.00Thomas Webb and Edinburgh Crystal Decanters
355£30>£40£35.00Pair of Crystal Ships Decanters
356£20>£30£5.00Ironstone Style Bird House Lantern, 36cm high
357£30>£40£35.00Two 19th Century Willow Printed Pottery Drainers with Stands
358£30>£40£50.00Two Victorian Pottery Drainers with Stands
359£20>£30£25.00Pair of Victorian Continental Porcelain Bottle Neck Vases Printed with Flowers, 32cm high
360£30>£40£55.00Vintage Brass Paraffin Lamp
361£30>£40£20.00Bronze Effect Group of Horse Rider and Fox
362£30>£40£20.00Brass Crueset Oil Lamp
363£20>£30£16.00Chinese Style Table Lamp with Shade
364£40>£60 Did not sell Pair of Leather Riding Boots, Riding Hat and a Whip
365£30>£50£60.00Persian Wool Rug, 200x130cm
366£20>£30£20.00Tigers Eye and Ivory Necklaces (2)
367£30>£40£35.009ct Gold Gem Set Ring
368£30>£40£20.00Graduated Pearl Necklace with Silver Clasp
369£200>£300£280.0014ct Gold Mounted Diamond Pendant of approx 0.3ct with an 18ct Gold Chain
370£50>£80 Did not sell Pair of 9ct Gold and Diamond Ear Studs
371£30>£40£35.009ct Gold Pearl Ring
372£20>£30£30.00Gents Bulova Self Winding Watch
373£40>£80£40.00Yellow Metal Wedding Ring
374£40>£60£65.00Diamond Cluster Bar Brooch
375£60>£80£65.009ct Gold Thistle Pendant with an 18ct Gold Chain
376£200>£250£220.001981 Gold Sovereign Mounted as a Ring
377£40>£60£55.00Terrestrial Globe Pendant
378£30>£40£50.00Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Stick Stand
379£80>£120£100.00Brass Hilt Sword with Metal Scabbard
380£80>£120£80.00Metal Hilt Sword with Leather Scabbard
381£80>£120£110.00Brass Hilt and Lion Pommel Sword with Leather Scabbard
382£100>£200£150.00JH Becker Solingen, a Sawback Butcher Bayonet with Metal Scabbard
383£200>£300£250.00Japanese Katana having a Bound Shagreen Handle and Metal Scabbard
384£200>£300£270.00Japanese Katana having a Bound Shagreen Handle and Leather Scabbard
385£30>£50£30.00Four Victorian Monotone Prints
386£80>£120£90.00Smiths 8 Day Sunburst Clock
387£100>£150£100.00Antique Carved Oak Bible Box
398£100>£50£230.0018ct Gold Gem Set Serpent Ring
399£40>£80£50.009ct Gold Wedding Ring
400£30>£40£30.009ct Gold Purple Stone Ring
401£200>£250£230.00Victorian 1864 Gold Sovereign Mounted as a Pendant
402£180>£140£250.001927 Gold Sovereign Mounted as a Ring
403£150>£200£180.009ct Gold Diamond Solitaire Ring, the diamond of approx 0.25ct
404£180>£240£210.001980 Gold Sovereign
405£180>£240£210.001981 Gold Sovereign
406£180>£240£220.001982 Gold Sovereign
407£40>£60£85.00Swallow Brooch Set with a Citrine and 3 Gold and Seed Pearl Brooches (4)
408£50>£80£100.00Silver Foliate Engraved and Inscribed Snuff Box, Birmingham 1898
409£50>£80£70.0018ct and Platinum 3 Stone Diamond Ring and 2 Other Rings (3)
410£300>£450£300.00Two Stone Diamond Ring
411£100>£150£220.009ct Gold Madras College Tullis Medal 1929-30
412£30>£40£40.00Silver Madras College Sir W. Robertson Prize Medal 1930
413£30>£40£55.00Orange Stone Pendant with Chain
414£30>£50£40.001904 Sir John Leng's Trust Medal to Eliza Lamond and Another to John Allan 1938, both cased
415£30>£40£40.00Four Eternity Rings, some stones missing
416£40>£60£80.0018ct Gold Diamond Ring and a Cluster Ring, stones missing, along with a Bead Ring (3)
417£50>£80£45.00Art Nouveau 9ct Gold Seed Pearl and Amethyst Pendant, a Bar Brooch and a Pendant, some faults
418£40>£60£65.00Gents Tissot Automatic Seastar Watch
419£50>£80£45.00Silver Pair Case Pocket Watch and a Ladies Silver Watch on a Moire Band
420£20>£30£10.00Box of Jewellery
421£20>£30£20.00Two Boxes of Jewellery
422£40>£60£40.00Silver Back 4 Piece Dressing Table Set, Birmingham 1934, along with 2 Butter Knives and Sugar Tongs
423£30>£40 Did not sell Pair of Silver Cuff Links, One Ounce Silver Ingot, 5 Crowns and Stamps
424£30>£40£60.002014 UK Year of The Horse 1oz Silver Mint Coin Set of 2 £2 Silver Coins
425£60>£100£65.002015 UK £100 Fine Silver Coin Big Ben Heartbeat of The Nation
426£20>£30£35.00The 60th Anniversary of The Queens Coronation UK £5 Gold Plated Silver Proof Coin
427£60>£100£202.00Elizabeth II Australia 10 Dollar Year of The Dragon Coin 2012 10oz Silver
428£30>£40£40.00Two George and The Dragon 2013 UK £20 Fine Silver Coins
429£30>£40£40.00Two Outbreak 2014 UK £20 Fine Silver Coins
430£30>£40£40.00Two Outbreak 2014 UK £20 Fine Silver Coins
431£30>£40£40.00Two Outbreak 2014 UK £20 Fine Silver Coins
432£40>£60£65.00Ruthenium Year of The Snake 2013 Silver Coin and 2008 Year of The Mouse and 2010 Year of The Tiger Coins (3)
433£20>£30£30.00Date Stamp 2016 UK Year of The Monkey 1oz Silver Coin
434£15>£20£25.00HRH Prince Philip's 95th Birthday Silver Proof £5 Coin
435£20>£30£10.00The Longest Reigning Monarch Date Stamp Set and Another Part Set
436£180>£220£240.002015 Gold Sovereign
437£20>£30£50.00The Last Round Pound a 2016 Silver Proof £1 Coin and a 100th Anniversary of The First World War Royal Navy 2015 £2 Silver Coin (2)
438£15>£20£25.002015 UK £20 Fine Silver Coin The Largest Reigning Monarch
439£20>£30£25.00The 300th Anniversary of The Coronation of King George First £5 Coin, The Death of Queen Anne £5 Coin and a Queen Elizabeth II 90 £5 Coin (3)
440£50>£100£55.00Collection of Commemorative Proof Coins and Others
441£40>£60£80.00Collection of Royal Mail Commemorative and Collectable Stamps and a Small Album of Stamps
442£150>£225 Did not sell 15ct Turquoise and Pearl Drop Earrings
443£60>£90£58.00Georgian Pearl Set Ring
444£10>£15£45.00Opal Ring
445£400>£600£400.0018ct White Gold Diamond Ring
446£45>£70£80.00Silver Marcasite and Pearl Bracelet
447£10>£15£15.00Silver Enamel Dog Pendant and Chain
448£15>£25£20.00Silver Amethyst Ring
449£15>£25£20.00Four Silver Pendants and Chains
450£175>£265£200.009ct Ruby and Diamond Ring
451£10>£15£10.00Silver and Venetian Glass Necklace
452£10>£15£15.00Silver and Smoky Quartz Bracelet
453£50>£75£95.00Five Necklaces including Coral and Venetian Glass
454£20>£30£45.00Collection of Banknotes
455£20>£30£20.00Box of Cigarette Cards and Postcards
456£10>£15£25.00Box of Postcards
457£40>£60£80.00Collection of Penny Red Plate Stamps (total catalogue value £1206)
458£50>£80£65.00Imari Porcelain Bowl, 31cm diameter
459£50>£80£70.00Hukin & Heath Silver Mounted Crystal 19th Hole Decanter, Birmingham 1938
460£25>£35£30.00Vasart Shaded Blue Glass Vase, 20cm high
461£20>£30£30.00Strathearn Purple and Pink Shaded Glass Vase, 20cm high
462£30>£40£25.00Royal Doulton The Hon. Frances Duncombe HN3009
463£30>£40£40.00Royal Doulton Mary Queen of Scots HN3142
464£30>£40£45.00Royal Doulton Drummer Boy HN2679
465£30>£40£35.00Royal Doulton The Jester HN2016
466£100>£150£95.00Royal Doulton Setter with Pheasant HN2529
467£20>£30£18.00Royal Doulton Top O The Hill HN1834
468£20>£30£10.00Poole Barbara Linley Adams Three Wise Men Plate and A Christmas Carol Plate (2)
469£20>£30£25.00Royal Doulton Fleur HN2368 and Sandra HN2275 (2)
470£30>£40£50.00Royal Doulton Taking Things Easy HN2677
471£30>£40£40.00Royal Doulton Embroidering HN2855
472£30>£40£25.00Royal Doulton Viking HN2375
473£20>£30£40.00Lladro Nun, Royal Copenhagen Vase, 2 Glass Birds, Scent Bottle and Paperweight
474£30>£40£20.00Two Cased Toilet Sets
475£30>£40£45.00Collection of Collectors and Commemorative Coins
476£20>£30£20.00Cigarette Cards, Coins etc
477£40>£60£75.00Royal Crown Derby Peregrine Falcon
478£40>£60£100.00Royal Crown Derby Sea Eagle
479£20>£30£25.00Royal Crown Derby Lion Cub
480£20>£30£35.00Royal Crown Derby Fox Cub
481£20>£30£30.00Royal Crown Derby Meerkat
482£20>£30£25.00Royal Crown Derby Meerkat
483£20>£30£30.00Royal Crown Derby Cheetah Cub
484£30>£40£45.00Royal Crown Derby Vixen
485£30>£40£35.00Royal Crown Derby Fawn
486£30>£40£40.00Royal Crown Derby Cheetah
487£30>£50£60.00Royal Crown Derby Lioness
488£20>£30£45.00Royal Crown Derby Indian Star Tortoise
489£30>£40£20.00Royal Doulton The Old Balloon Seller HN1315
490£20>£30£40.00Royal Doulton Balloon Girl HN2818
491£30>£40£20.00Royal Doulton Biddy Pennyfarthing HN1843
492£30>£40£25.00Royal Doulton Silks and Ribbons HN2017
493£20>£30£40.00Royal Doulton Balloon Boy HN2934
494£30>£40£25.00Royal Doulton The Balloon Man HN1954
495£30>£40£40.00Royal Doulton Balloon Lady HN2935
496£30>£40£25.00Royal Doulton The Mask Seller HN2103
497£30>£50£90.00Seven Royal Doulton Miniature Street Vendors Figures
498£30>£50£100.00Royal Worcester Teatime at The St. Leger Doncaster
499£30>£50£100.00Royal Worcester Fruit Seller at The Nottingham Goose Fair
500£30>£50£100.00Royal Worcester Gypsy Bride
501£30>£50£70.00Royal Worcester Fruit Seller At Stow Fair
502£20>£40£20.00Two Albums of First Day Covers, Stamps etc
503£30>£40£35.00Steiff Jointed Teddy Bear
504£30>£40£35.00Steiff Coronation Teddy Bear
505£20>£30£30.00Steiff Purple Teddy Bear
506£20>£30£10.00Charlie Bear Zoe and Another Bear (2)
507£100>£150£95.00Silver Commemorative Plate for The Wedding of HRH The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer, with certificate
508£20>£30£16.00Four Gents Watches
509£20>£30£20.00Three Metal Horses and 4 Mythical Figures (7)
510£20>£30£15.00Simpson Lawrence Yacht Compass
511£40>£60£35.00Navigation Berlin Site, Telescope Sight and a Folding Camera, all with cases (3)
512£30>£40£50.00Hot Diamonds Bracelet, Rotary Watch and Bracelet Set and 3 Necklaces
513£50>£80£65.00Four B. Frost Carved Wood Frogs and Another Unsigned (5)
514£30>£40£35.00Box of Watches and Jewellery
515£20>£30£10.00Two Books Winnie The Pooh with Illustrations by E. H Shepherd and An Artist in Egypt by Walter Tyndale
516£20>£30£10.00Pair of Japanese Lacquer Panels, parts missing, Ginger Jar, Snuff Bottle and a Copper Pan
517£20>£30£20.00Bells Christmas 1991 Decanter, full
518£20>£30£20.00Bells Christmas 1995 Decanter, full
519£20>£30£20.00Bells Queen Mothers 90th Decanter, full
520£20>£30£18.00Bells Golden Wedding Decanter, full
521£20>£30£18.00Princess Eugenie Decanter, full
522£30>£40£25.00Whyte & Mackay and Bells Whiskies (2)
523£20>£30£20.00Exclusive Collection Scotch Whisky Compendium
524£20>£30 Did not sell Three Whisky Advert Jugs and a Flagon
525£20>£30£35.00Whales Tooth
526£20>£30£20.00Caithness Water Babies and Royal Crown Sulphide Paperweights (2)
527£40>£60£50.00Connoisseurs Choice Glencadam 1987 Single Malt Whisky
528£30>£50£40.00Balblair Vintage 2000 Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
529£40>£60£120.00The Macallan Fine Oak 18 Year Old Single Malt Whisky
530£50>£80£55.00The Glenrothes Distillery Single Speyside Malt Whisky Distilled in 1992, Bottled in 2004
531£60>£80£100.00Signatory Vintage Scotch Whisky Co. Ltd Vintage 1983 Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky Matured in Sherry Butt for 17 Years Distilled at Dufftown Distillery on 29.6.83, Bottled 25.6.2001, Butt No. 8243, Bottle No. 53 of 720
532£30>£40£40.00Glenlossie Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Aged 10 Years
533£30>£40£45.00The Dalmore Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky, Aged 12 Years
534£20>£30£25.00Drumguish Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky
535£30>£40£40.00The Macallan Fine Oak 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky
536£30>£40£35.00Balblair Vintage 2003 Single Malt Whisky
537£20>£30£20.00Glen Moray Single Malt Whisky
538£30>£40£30.00Balblair Single Malt Whisky, Aged 10 Years
539£40>£60£60.00Murray McDavid Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Distilled in 1989 at The Bruichladdich Distillery
540£20>£30 Did not sell Richard Ginori Porcelain Teapot
541£20>£40£55.00Three Boxes of Silver Plated Items, Cutlery and Servers, Tea China, Glasswares etc
542£20>£30£25.00Vintage Fire Bucket with Lid
543£30>£40£40.00Anglepoise Desk Lamp
544£20>£40£20.00W. Hutton, Watercolour, 1912, Hay Gathering, 20x30cm
545£60>£80£65.00Framed Collection of 8 Royal Agricultural Society Medals
546£15>£25 Did not sell Victorian Framed Classical Tapestry Picture, 28x25cm
547£20>£30£40.00Two Coloured Engravings, Harvest Moon and Grand Union Canal
548£20>£30 Did not sell Pair of Eastern River Scene Watercolours, 34x23cm
549£100>£200£170.00Noel H. Leaver, ARCA, Watercolour, The Shambles York, 28x18cm
550£100>£200£170.00Noel H. Leaver, ARCA, Watercolour, Taylors Court Bristol, 28x18cm
551£20>£30£30.00Lindsay Clark, Watercolour, The Boatyard Tayport, 25x35cm
552£100>£200£260.00Leonard Russell Squirrell, 1968, Watercolour, Levington Creek Suffolk, 26x36cm
553£50>£80£65.00W. Hutton, 1904, Watercolour of a Steam Ship, and Another of Sailing Boats, 19x29cm
554£100>£200£300.00Leonard Russell Squirrell, 1971, Watercolour, A Tree at Woodbridge Suffolk, 23x37cm
555£100>£200 Did not sell HC Fox, RBA, 1911, Watercolour, Farmer, Horses and Ducks at a River, 38x58cm
556£20>£40 Did not sell David A James, 1976, Oil Painting, River at Sunset, 60x90cm
557£30>£40£35.00Silvered Frame Wall Mirror, 73x100cm
558£20>£30 Did not sell Dutch Scene Woodcut Print, Indistinctly Signed, 26x22cm
559£50>£80£65.00Tom Ross, Pair of Etchings, Old Houses South West Corner Vault Dundee, and, Doorway Strathmartine Lodgings Vault Dundee
560£40>£60£35.00James McIntosh Patrick, Signed Print, The Carse of Gowrie
561£30>£40 Did not sell E. Berry Colour Etching, Milan Cathedral
562£50>£80£45.00AG Birch, CA, Oil Painting, Boats of a Rough Sea, 49x74cm
563£100>£150 Did not sell Watson Wood, '79, Watercolour, St Fillans
564£100>£150 Did not sell Watson Wood, '79, Watercolour, Dalginross
565£20>£30 Did not sell Kathleen Fisher, Pottery Plaque of Henry VIII
566£50>£80 Did not sell James McIntosh Patrick, Signed Limited Edition Print, Kingoodie, 396/850
567£30>£40£30.00Gilt Frame Pillar Side Mirror, 86x56cm
568£20>£30 Did not sell Corot, Print, River Scene
569£30>£40 Did not sell Framed Wall Mirror, 75x65cm
570£20>£30 Did not sell Jessie Furber, Engraving Shakespeares Cliff Dover, and, Another Similar (2)
571£60>£100 Did not sell F. Petitjean, 4 Engravings After Corot
572£30>£40 Did not sell Richard Wawro, Three Prints, Fishing Boat, Choir and Landscape
573£20>£30 Did not sell Reproduction Mahogany Lamp Table, Teak Side Table, Walnut Occasional Table and 4 Folding Chairs
574£40>£60£45.00Blindcraft Double Bed and an Ikea Double Bed
575£40>£60£90.00Slumberland Double Divan Bed and Headboard
576£50>£80£50.00Selection of Tool Boxes, Power and Hand Tools
577£10>£20£20.00Victorian Mahogany Pembroke Table, Ikea Candle Holder and Light Fittings
578£20>£30£35.00Set of 6 Queen Anne Style Dining Chairs
579£30>£40£45.00Victorian Trunk, Tool Box and Wicker Hamper
580£10>£20£10.00Photographers Tent
581£30>£40£35.00Dyson DC23 Vacuum
582£20>£30£30.00Rennie Mackintosh Double Bedstead and a Pair of Bedside Tables
583£30>£50£25.00Breakfast Table with 2 Chairs, Corner What Not, Dressing Table and 2 Hall Tables
584£30>£40£10.00Kango, Hilti and Hitachi Drills, Bits and 110V Adaptor
585£30>£50£50.00Three Stihl Saws and Box of Parts
586£40>£60£40.001930's Oak Mirror Panel Hallstand, 75cm wide
587£20>£30£5.00Turnidge Teak Double Corner Cabinet, a Bookcase and a Trolley
588£40>£60£40.00Baumatic Wine Cooler Fridge
589£30>£50 Did not sell Hotpoint Ultima Washing Machine
590£30>£50 Did not sell Hotpoint Fridge Freezer
591£30>£50 Did not sell Zanussi Fridge Freezer
592£30>£40£35.00Four Painted Torchere Pedestals
593£10>£20£65.00Victorian Mahogany Chest of 5 Drawers, 113cm wide
594£20>£30£25.00Reproduction Wine Table
595£20>£30£30.00Chinese Style Glass Top Oval Coffee Table, 122cm long
596£10>£20£5.00Tapestry Panel Firescreen Table
597£30>£50£55.00Dyson DC50 Vacuum
598£20>£40£30.00Eastern Coffee Table and Matching Nest of Table
599£20>£30£5.00Tapley 4 Part Unit
600£40>£60£80.00Pine 2 Door Wardrobe on a Drawer Base, 112cm wide
601£20>£30£25.00Ornately Carved Occasional Table, Inset Top Table, Oak Cabinet and Side Table
602£20>£40£40.00French Style Oak Hall Stand, 94cm wide
603£20>£30£25.00Eight Office Chairs, 3 Reception Chairs, Office Table and Pedestal
604£20>£30£10.00Mahogany Astragal Glazed Corner Wall Cabinet
605£30>£40£45.00Zanussi Washing Machine
606£20>£30£30.00Two Easels
607£20>£40£15.00Various Suitcases, Duvets and Pillows etc
608£50>£80£95.00Belling Electric Cooker
609£40>£60£70.00Bosch Logixx Condenser Dryer
610£60>£80£55.00AEG OKO-Lavamat Washing Machine
611£60>£80£80.00Bosch Logixx Tall Freezer
612£30>£50£46.00Wooden Garden Bench
613£15>£25£25.00B&D Workmate, Karcher Pressure Washer and a Spark Guard
614£10>£20 Did not sell Pine 3 Tier Table, Folding Chair, Bamboo Table, Christmas Decorations, CD Unit etc
615£20>£30£5.00Two Wicker Chairs, Linen Basket, Trolley, Leather Stool, Rug and Occasional Table
616£20>£30£25.00Three Sets of Skis, Golf Bag and Trolley, Puppet Theatre, Toys, Sports Items, Keyboard and Stand
617£15>£20£35.00Two Narrow Bookshelves and 2 Mirrors
618£60>£80£120.00G Plan Teak Chest of 4 Drawers and Bedside Chest of 3 Drawers, 72 and 48cm wide
619£50>£80£50.00G Plan Teak 3 Door Wardrobe, 123cm wide
620£60>£80£85.00G Plan Teak 4 Drawer Dressing Table with Mirror, 153cm wide
621£40>£60£55.00Pair of G Plan Teak Dining Room Tall Units, each 84cm wide
622£40>£60£60.00Modern Oak 2 Door Wardrobe on 2 Drawer Base, 100cm wide
623£50>£80£40.00Modern Mahogany 4 Piece Bedroom Suite, Comprising a 2 Door Wardrobe, Dressing Table with Stool and a Bedside Chest
624£20>£30£10.00Lancashire Chair and a Stool
625£30>£50£60.00Stag Minstrel 3 Door Wardrobe, 155cm wide
626£30>£50£45.00Painted 2 Door Wardrobe on Drawer Base, 102cm wide
627£40>£60£45.00Victorian Mahogany 2 Door Side Cabinet, 118cm wide
628£15>£25£15.00Oak Nest of 3 Tables
629£20>£30£25.00Eastern Style Shaped Top Coffee Table on a Pottery Pillar
630£30>£50 Did not sell Traditional Style Carved Oak Bedside Cabinet and a Small Drop Leaf Coffee Table
631£20>£30£30.00Light Blue 2 Seat Settee
632£50>£80£50.00Brown Leather 3 Piece Lounge Suite
633£40>£60£60.00Set of 8 (2 Arm and 6) Ladder Back Grass Seat Dining Chairs
634£30>£40 Did not sell Set of 4 Parker Knoll Easy Chairs
635£20>£30£25.00Modern Bed Settee
636£20>£30£25.00Suede and Fabric 2 Seat Settee
637£30>£40£55.00Set of 4 Red and Chrome Kitchen Bar Stools
637A£20>£30£42.00Metal and Tiled Folding What Not and 2 Tray Tables
638£30>£40£25.00Yew Wood TV Unit, a Nest of Tables and Single Drawer Side Table
639£20>£30£30.00Queen Anne Style Coffee Table and Nest of Tables, Mirror, Sewing Machine and Modern Bedside Cabinet
640£40>£60£55.00Metal Bound Teak Blanket Box, 83cm wide
641£30>£50£60.00Victorian Oak Ladies Chair and a Tub Chair
642£20>£30£10.001920's Mahogany Piano Stool
643£20>£40£10.001920's Oak Single Door Side Cabinet, 90cm wide
644£30>£40£40.00Spinning Wheel and Chair and a Bentwood Chair
645£20>£40£190.00Georgian Mahogany Gateleg Dining Table
646£30>£50 Did not sell Traditional Carved Oak and Linen Fold Cocktail Cabinet, 75cm wide
647£40>£60£10.00Traditional Oak Dining Room Suite, Comprising a Sideboard, Refectory Table and 4 Chairs
648£30>£50 Did not sell 1920's Mahogany Stepped Top Book and Display Cabinet, 150cm wide
649£200>£300£170.00Art Nouveau Inlaid Mahogany Bureau, having Leaded Glass Door Top above a Fall Front and Cupboard and Drawer Base, 91cm wide
650£100>£150£95.00Victorian Mahogany Toilet Chest of Drawers, 112cm wide
651£30>£50£40.00Charles Barr Mahogany Double Corner Cabinet, 66cm wide
652£60>£100£90.0019th Century Mahogany Hall Bench, 100cm long
653£20>£30£25.00Victorian Oak Bedroom Chair
654£30>£50£35.00Childs Slope Top Desk and Chair
655£30>£40£50.00Victorian Style Chaise Longue
656£20>£30£5.00Tartan 3 Seat Settee
657£30>£40£40.00Eastern Drop Leaf 3 Drawer Coffee Table
658£60>£80£90.00G Plan Teak Extending Dining Table with 6 Chairs
659£50>£80 Did not sell 19th Century Mahogany Pembroke Table on Tapered Legs
660£100>£150£100.00Sorrento Style Gaming Table having a Reversible Top and Fitted Interior
661£20>£30 Did not sell Reproduction Mahogany Nest of 3 Tables and a Wine Table
662£20>£30£60.001920's Bergere Occasional Armchair
663£60>£100£150.00Martin ''Lizardman'' Dutton Adzed Oak Sutherland Table
664£20>£30£20.00Oak News Rack Table
665£150>£200£300.00Victorian Ornately Carved Oak Hall Settle, 133cm wide
666£60>£100£55.0019th Century Mahogany Fold Over Games Table on Central Pillar and Scrolling Base, 91cm wide
667£40>£60£45.00Victorian Style Stool on Reeded Legs
668£40>£60£85.00Reproduction Mahogany Fold Over Games Table on Tapered Legs, 80cm wide
669£40>£60£45.00Ercol News Rack Table
670£60>£100£55.00Pair of Ercol Fireside Armchairs
671£40>£60£80.00Pair of Parker Knoll Ladies Chairs
672£30>£40£20.00Large Pine Framed Mirror, 121x90cm
673£60>£80£50.001920's Oak Mirror Door Wardrobe on Drawer Base, 132cm wide
674£15>£25£20.00Four Edwardian Chairs
675£30>£60£20.001920's Mahogany 3 Door Wardrobe on 3 Drawer Base, 190cm wide
676£200>£300£200.00Victorian Art Nouveau Carved Oak Mirror Back Sideboard, 190cm wide
677£30>£50£50.00Modern Tall Pine Bookshelves, 75cm wide
678£50>£80£20.00Edwardian Mahogany 2 Door Wardrobe on Drawer Base, 110cm wide
679£40>£60£20.00Edwardian Mahogany 2 Door Wardrobe on Drawer Base, 110cm wide
680£60>£80£50.00Arts and Crafts Style Light Wood Mirror Door Wardrobe on 3 Drawer Base, 136cm wide
681£20>£40£60.00Victorian Mahogany Chest of 7 Drawers, Oak Chest of Drawers, Bedside Cabinet, Plant Table and Stool
682£50>£80£30.00Three Tall Modern Bookshelves, Tall Office Cabinet, 2 Drawer Filing Chest and Computer Items
683£10>£20 Did not sell Four Dining Chairs, 2 Grass Seat Chairs, Standard Lamp and Shade, Toilet Mirror, Bed Tray, Cane Table and a Lamp
684£10>£20£10.00Walnut Draw Leaf Dining Table
685£20>£30£30.00Two Workforce Car Creepers
686£15>£25 Did not sell Two Office Tables,153cm wide each
687£20>£30£10.00Vintage Sledge and a Bentwood Chair
688£40>£60£65.00Set of Session Pro Drums and Accessories and an Acoustic Guitar
689£100>£150£100.00Victorian Walnut Cabinet Bookcase, 85cm wide
690£40>£60£80.00Shabby Chic Glazed and Cupboard Door Tall cabinet, 85cm wide
691£50>£80£105.00Derek ''Fishman'' Slater Adzed Oak Corner Wall Cabinet, 42cm wide
692£80>£120£90.001920's Oak Shutter Front Filing Cabinet, with key, 47cm wide
693£40>£60 Did not sell Victorian Pitch Pine Lectern
694£30>£50£25.00Victorian Revolving Tripod Stool
695£30>£50£30.00Victorian Revolving Tripod Stool
696£50>£80£80.00Modern Oak Bookshelves on 2 Drawer Base, 100cm wide
697£40>£60£80.00Modern Oak Tall Chest of 6 Drawers, 44cm wide
698£60>£80 Did not sell Modern Oak 2 Drawer Console Table, 12cm wide
699£100>£150£190.00Derek ''Fishman'' Slater Adzed Oak Low Bookcase having Sliding Glass Doors over Cupboard Doors, 121cm wide
700£30>£40£30.00Reproduction Mahogany 2 Door Side Cabinet, 100cm wide
701£30>£40£30.00Queen Anne Style Burr Walnut Bowfront 2 Door Side Cabinet, 96cm wide
702£50>£80£120.00Derek ''Fishman'' Slater Adzed Oak Bedside Cabinet, 42cm wide
703£50>£80£95.00Martin ''Lizardman'' Dutton Adzed Oak Bookstand Inscribed to Kathleen Mary Campbell
704£50>£80£70.00Malcolm ''Foxman'' Pipes Adzed Oak Side Chair
705£50>£80£65.00Albert ''Eagleman'' Jeffrey Adzed Oak Wall Shelves, 136cm wide
706£60>£80£95.00Malcolm ''Foxman'' Pipes, Adzed Oak Wall Shelves, 155cm wide
707£40>£60£80.00Victorian Marble Top Console Table on Carved Scrolling Legs, 110cm wide
708£40>£60£60.001920's Light Wood Dressing Chest of 4 Drawers, 92cm wide
709£40>£60£35.001920's Light Wood Chest of 5 Drawers, 107cm wide
710£100>£150£95.00Pair of 1920's Mahogany Tambour Bowfront Side Cabinets, each 105cm wide
711£50>£100£50.00George III Style Inlaid Mahogany Sideboard having a Stage Top with Sliding Doors over 3 Drawers and Square Tapered Legs, 172cm wide
712£50>£80 Did not sell B. Squire Upright Overstrung Piano with Stool
713£40>£60£35.001920's Oak Chest of 5 Drawers, 106cm wide
714£40>£60£50.001920's Oak Barley Twist Draw Leaf Dining Table
715£40>£60£30.00Victorian Mahogany Dining Table with Leaf, extending mechanism faulty
716£40>£60 Did not sell Victorian Mahogany Sideboard having 2 Drawers and 3 Cupboards, 168cm wide
717£40>£60£85.00Edwardian Mahogany Corner Display Cabinet
718£30>£40 Did not sell Victorian Mahogany Torchere
719£30>£50£40.00Beko Fridge
720£30>£50£30.00Bosch Classixx Washing Machine
721£100>£150£230.00Victorian Mahogany and Inset Top Double Pedestal Desk, 181cm wide
722£30>£40£50.00Pair of Victorian Mahogany Balloon Back Dining Chairs
723£20>£30£25.001920's Wheel Back and Bergere Occasional Armchair
724£20>£30£30.001920's Bergere Occasional Armchair
725£50>£80£60.0019th Century Mahogany Chest of 2 Over 3 Drawers on Bracket Feet, 108cm wide
726£20>£30£30.00Victorian Circular Top Gypsy Table
727£30>£40£20.00Victorian Walnut Oval Top Occasional Table
728£20>£30£25.00George III Elm Side Chair and a Victorian Oak Side Chair (2)
729£50>£80£40.0019th Century Mahogany Chest of 8 Drawers, 119cm wide