Curr & Dewar Auction

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1£20>£30£45.00Canteen of Cutlery, Cased and Boxed Cutlery
2£20>£30£20.00Noritake Porcelain Tea Set, Grafton Coffee Set, Wedgwood China and a Pottery Ewer
3£30>£50£70.00Large Collection of Silver Plated Items
4£20>£30£70.00Wedgwood Coffee Set, Paragon Tea Set, Oriental Vase and Charioteer Group
5£15>£20£15.00Two Crystal Vases, Crystal Bowl, Comport, Sugar and Cream etc
6£20>£30£25.00Brass Wall Lights, Lamps, Jardiniere, Pictures, Bread Bin, Half Step etc
7£20>£30£30.00Box with Stair Rods, Copper and Brasswares
8£10>£20£5.00Wall Plaques, Plates and Pictures
9£20>£40£90.00Persian Wool Rug, 190x120cm
10£40>£60£90.00Persian Wool Runner, 440x83cm
11£10>£20£15.00A. Boix, Oil Painting, European Scene and 3 Other Pictures
12£30>£40£30.00Two Meccano Sets and a Box of Lego
13£10>£20£10.00Box with Royal Worcester Casserole, Cocktail Shaker, Glasses etc
14£20>£30£31.00Pair of Carved Wood Elephant Bookends and Other Elephants and a Carved Walking Stick
15£10>£20£35.00Box with Royalty Items, Biscuit Barrels, Crystal Glasses, Condiments, Lids etc
16£20>£30£10.00Russian Dolls, Oriental and Other Ceramics
17£30>£40£45.00Thomas Webb and Edinburgh Crystal Whisky Tumblers, Crystal Bowls etc
18£20>£30£25.00Crystal Decanters and Various Crystal Glasses etc
19£40>£60£90.00Coalport Ming Rose Dinner Service, approx 70 pieces
20£20>£30£35.00Four Victorian Comports, Wall Clocks, Figure Bookends, Ornaments and Jugs etc
21£40>£60£100.00Le Creuset Blue Enamel Pots
22£20>£30£45.00Doulton Everyday Glen Ora Dinner Service, approx 88 pieces
23£20>£30£45.00Aynsley Pigs, Sylvac Spaniel, Paperweights and Other Decorative Items
24£15>£25£20.00Two Boxes of Decorative Ceramics, Metalwares and Sporting Prints
25£15>£25£30.00Box of Costume Jewellery
26£20>£30 Did not sell Boxes of Books, Works Various
27£30>£40£35.00Victorian Oak Coal Box, Barley Twist Stool and a Wall Mounting Table
28£20>£30£65.00Four Boxes with Tapestry Wall Hangings, Dinner Wares, Decorative Items and Collectables
29£50>£75£60.00Windsor & Newton Easel
30£20>£30£30.00Briefcase, Leather Box, Folio Case, Glasswares and a Box with Ashets, Carvings EPNS and Oriental Items
31£20>£30£5.00Crystal Vase, Various Bowls, Sugar and Cream etc
32£20>£30£85.00Crystal Hock Glasses, Champagne Flutes etc
33£20>£30£20.00Selection of Silver Plated Items, Horn Handle Carvers and Cutlery
34£15>£25£10.00Three Decanters, Porcelain Basket, Figure, Projector, Tripod etc
35£20>£30£10.00Pair of Torquay Pottery Vases, Oriental Urn, Art Deco Style Figures and Lamp, some faults
36£15>£25£5.00Porcelain Clock and Various Figure Ornaments
37£15>£25£20.00Noritake Trinket China and Royal Crown Derby Afternoon Tea Set (teapot chipped)
38£15>£25£25.00Two Boxes with a Set of 4 Edinburgh Crystal Whisky Tumblers, Tea China, Oil Lamp, Clock, Spaniels etc
39£20>£30£30.00Three Barbie Dolls, Disney Doll and Elephant
40£10>£20£20.00Selection of Jewellery
41£20>£30£15.00Box of Decorative Plates, Ornaments, Jewel Stands etc
42£30>£40£33.00Pirelli Calendars 1993 and 1997, along with Other Calendars
43£30>£40£15.00Chameleon Ware Coffee Service, 2 Tuscan Tea Sets and a Hen Cosy
44£20>£30£20.00Pair of Alabaster Table Lamps and a Brass Clock
45£20>£30£30.00Pair of Oriental Crackle Glaze Vases, 2 Oriental Pictures, Ruler and 2 Glasses
46£20>£30£50.00Two Boxes of LPs and 45s
47£30>£40£35.00Seven Pieces of Belleek Porcelain
48£10>£15£30.00Box of Cabinet Furniture
49£15>£25£20.00Ron Thompson Speed Force 9' Fly Rod and a Spinning Reel
50£10>£20£25.00Box of Ornaments, Dragons and Animals etc
51£15>£25£10.00Enamel Bread Bin, Giles Annuals, Ceramics and Glasswares
52£15>£25£12.00Pictures, Mirrors, Lamps, Shears, Vases etc
53£20>£30£25.00Three Boxes and Case of LPs, 78s etc
54£15>£25£10.00Chinese Rug, Curtains and Pelmet
55£20>£30£25.00Three Boxes of Ornaments, Cutlery, Picquot, Glasswares, Jewellery etc
56£15>£25£10.00Glass Vases, Jewel Case, Handbags, Decorative Items etc
57£20>£30£30.00Nikon F55 Camera, Jewellery, Ornaments etc
58£20>£30£25.00Spode Italian and Other Blue and White Ceramics
59£15>£25£25.00Three Glass Trinket Sets
60£10>£20£10.00Box of Ceramics and Glass
61£10>£20£10.00Box of Ceramics and Glass
62£10>£20£10.00Box of Ceramics and Glass
63£10>£20£15.00Box of Ceramics and Glass
64£10>£20£15.00Box of Ceramics and Glass, Small Pictures and Mat
65£20>£30£35.00Remington Portable Typewriter
66£15>£25£10.00Hamish Soutar, Watercolour, Farm Gate
67£20>£30£12.00Lilles, Pastels, Still Life of a Vase of Flowers
68£25>£35£35.00Five Whisky Advert Jugs, Bells Decanter, Carlsberg Mermaid and a Delft Tankard
69£15>£25£15.00Elephant and 2 Dog Ornaments
70£20>£30£50.00Stamps and Albums etc
71£20>£30£5.00Japanese Tea Set, Box of Metalwares, Coffee China etc
72£20>£30£20.00Three Boxes of Ceramics and Glass, Stick Stands etc
73£20>£30£19.00Three Boxes of Decorative Ceramics etc
74£10>£20£15.00Pictures, Mirror, Basket and Decorative Items
75£30>£40£20.00Quantity of Tools, Camping Items, Spear etc
76£40>£60£80.00Vincenzo Fancelli King Louis XIV Gilt Frame Mirror, 96x54cm
77£30>£50£50.00Carved Wood Frame Wall Mirror, 90x80cm
78£20>£30£35.00Oriental Silk Needlework Picture, Model Aeroplane, 2 Lamps and Bedroom Chairs
79£20>£30£15.00Ethnic Carved Ornaments and Mask and a Wooden Archery Bow (5)
80£15>£25£5.00Dianne McNaughton, Pair of Watercolours of Cottages, along with 3 Other Pictures
81£20>£30£15.00William Russell Flint Print and a Pair of Wally Dogs
82£40>£60£25.00David Shepherd, Signed Limited Edition Print, Elephant Heaven, 655/850, along with 2 Other Pictures (3)
83£20>£40£55.00Persian Wool Carpet, 240x350cm, some wear
84£20>£40£5.00Quantity of Paintings and Prints
85£10>£20£25.00Three Boxes of Ceramics, Glass and Decorative Items
86£10>£20£10.00Wicker 3 Tier Stand, Metal CD Holder and a Basket
87£20>£30£5.00Three Boxes of Handbags etc
88£15>£25£5.00Decorative Porcelain and Brass Lamp and an Onyx Lamp (2)
89£30>£40£35.00234 Power Telescope
90£30>£40£120.00Pair of Brass and Green Table Lamps and Matching Standard Lamp
91£15>£25£20.00West German Vase, 2 Pictures, Crystals etc
92£30>£50£70.00Signed Persian Runner, 310x75cm
93£30>£40£40.00Persian Wool Rug, 150x100cm
94£30>£40£90.00Persian Wool Rug, 220x110cm
95£20>£30£5.00Three Boxes of Handbags etc
96£30>£40£50.00Fur and Other Coats and 2 Stoles (5)
97£50>£100£35.00Pakistan Bokhara Rug, 243x158cm
98£20>£30£25.00Sheepskin Coat and 2 Leather Coats
99£15>£20£20.00Bag with 4 Lawn Bowls
100£20>£30£30.00Case with 8 Lawn Bowls
101£20>£30£20.00Case with 4 Lawn Bowls
102£10>£20£30.00Three Boxes with Computer Games, Ornaments and Pictures
103£160>£240 Did not sell Kashmir Rug, 120x170cm
104£30>£50£30.00Tatra Classic Acoustic Guitar, with Bag
105£40>£60 Did not sell Encore Electric Guitar, with Bag
106£40>£60£55.00Modern Gilt Frame Bevel Edge Wall Mirror, 100x130cm
107£20>£30£15.00Two Clothes Rails
108£40>£80£80.00Large Unframed Painting of a Figure with Balloons
109£50>£80 Did not sell Seven Boxes of Leather Bound Law Books
110£30>£40£35.00Blue and White Porcelain Stick Stand, 7 Walking Sticks and a Crook
111£30>£40£39.00Victorian Vienna Wall Clock
112£15>£25£20.00Oak Case Napoleon Hat Mantel Clock
113£20>£30£20.00Fraser 4 Country Scene Watercolours and a Yew Wood Coffee Table
114£20>£30£20.00Curling Stone, no handle
115£20>£30£50.00Curling Stone, part handle
116£15>£25£10.00Crewel Work Type Picture and Other Pictures
117£30>£50£70.00Victorian Painted Overmantel Mirror, 135cm wide
118£30>£40£60.00Victorian Vienna Wall Clock
119£20>£30£25.00Three Tier Wall Shelves, 48cm wide
120£30>£50£25.00Japanese Lacquer and Bone Set 2 Fold Firescreen
121£15>£20£25.00Two Stools
122£50>£80£110.00Jacques Croquet Set
123£20>£30£10.00Set of 4 Thai Pictures and a Smaller Pair (6)
124£40>£60£40.00Pair of Porcelain and Gilt Table Lamps with Shades
125£30>£50£80.00Taxidermy of a Bird of Prey
126£20>£40£50.00Victorian Wall Clock
127£30>£50£25.00Pair of Bronzed Dolphin Tazzas, 29cm high
128£50>£80£45.00Victorian Slate Mantel Clock
129£20>£30£5.00Cossor Radio
130£30>£50£35.00Taxidermy of a Grouse
131£60>£80 Did not sell Victorian Slate Mantel Clock
132£50>£100£40.00Pair of Large Arita Porcelain Vases, some faults, 61cm high
133£20>£30£35.00Bronze Effect Figure of a Golfer, 35cm high
134£30>£40£25.00Ornate Mantel Clock Surmounted by a Metal Figures of Pan, 40cm wide
135£40>£60£95.00Large Figure of Betty Boop, 98cm high
136£30>£40£80.00Jim Shore Figure of Santa Claus, 70cm high
136A£30>£40£55.00Victorian Vienna Wall Clock
137£20>£30£15.00Vintage Photograph of a Soldier, Washboard and 2 Gilt Mirrors
138£200>£300£320.00British Railways North Eastern Division Poster, Service To The Fishing Industry, Landing The Catch at St. Andrews Dock Hull, by Jack Merriott, 100x128cm, fold creases
139£50>£80£30.00Leather Hat Box with a Top Hat, along with a Suitcase
140£30>£40£12.00Victorian Carved Oak Aneroid Barometer, glass cracked
141£30>£50 Did not sell Large Arita Porcelain Vase, faults, 79cm high
142£150>£200£360.00Chinese Porcelain and Brass Mounted Jardiniere having Elephantine Handles, 45cm high, 42cm diameter
143£30>£40£40.00Stained and Leaded Glass Panel, 56x38cm
144£30>£50£100.00Set of 3 Brass Table Lamps with Shades
145£80>£150£80.00Pair of Victorian Spelter Equestrian Figures, Waverley and Quentin Durward, 50cm high
146£30>£40£50.00Victorian Inlaid Mahogany Writing Box
147£30>£40£35.00Large Seated Boxer Dog, 69cm high
148£20>£30£20.00T S Halliday, Drawing of Trees, and 2 Watercolours by W R Burrows (3)
149£20>£30£30.00J. Hunter and H.A. Barclay, 2 Paintings of Fishing Boats
150£20>£30£35.00Douglas R Adamson, 3 Paintings, Sunset Over Tarbert, Nisabost Harris and Kismull Castle Barra
151£30>£50£50.00Hornby Electric Train Set, Diesel Breakdown
152£30>£50£45.00Hornby Electric Train Set, Midnight Freight, along with a Model Station
153£15>£25£15.00Glass Carbuoy
154£30>£40£30.00Three Boxes of Linen
155£30>£40£30.00Adac Snooker Score Board
156£100>£150£85.00After Edward William Godwin, an Ebonised Aesthetic Occasional Table, 42cm square
157£30>£40£45.00Mahogany Revolving Table Centrepiece
158£30>£40£36.0019th Century Rosewood Tea Caddy and a Japanese Lacquer Table Cabinet, some faults
159£20>£30 Did not sell Victorian American Wall Clock, some faults
160£50>£80£120.00Victorian Carved Oak Frame Dinner Gong with Beater
161£20>£30£30.00Moulded Figure of a Tiger, 35cm high
162£20>£30£25.00Blue and White Stick Stand, 2 Walking Sticks, 3 Umbrellas and a Poker
163£30>£50£60.00Green Oak Leaf Curtains and Gold Stripe Curtains
164£85>£130£85.00Garrard Record Deck, Sony Decorder Amplifier 200 and a Marantz Stereo Amplifier PM340
165£20>£30£20.00Two Crystal Water Jugs and a Decanter (3)
166£20>£30£15.00Pair of Early 20th Century Pottery Spaniels
167£30>£40£30.00Victorian and Edwardian Clocks and a Modern Wall Clock (3)
168£20>£30£25.00Figure of a Jack Russell and an Art Nouveau Style Clock
169£20>£30£20.00Box of Tin Plate and Other Toys
170£80>£120£110.00Charles Frodsham 8 Day Gilt Carriage Clock
171£20>£30£19.00Three Strand Pearl Necklace
172£20>£30£45.00Silver and Other Jewellery
173£40>£60£35.00Antique 9ct Gold Cameo Ring and a Gold Pendant
174£30>£45£21.00Silver Thistle Gem Brooch and Another
175£35>£55£45.00Gold 5 Stone Ring
176£25>£40 Did not sell Three Silver Bracelets
177£45>£70£45.00Large Scottish Agate Silver Brooch
178£10>£20£15.00Jewellery, Pearls, Hat Pins etc
179£20>£30£15.00Pulsar Kinetic Sports Watch with Power Reserve Function
180£60>£90 Did not sell Large Engraved Plated Serving Tray
181£45>£70£40.00Silver Celtic Longship and Topaz Bracelet
182£20>£30£30.00Selection of Coins
183£25>£40£20.00Pair of Vintage Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses
184£30>£45 Did not sell Jewellery, Silver, Hard Stone, Agate and Jade Necklaces etc
185£30>£45£35.00Silver Baby Rattle with Carnelian Teething Ring
186£150>£225 Did not sell Pair of Inverness Provincial Silver Dinner Forks, maker C J
187£10>£20£10.00Early English Porcelain Blue and White Bowl, repaired
188£25>£40£40.00Hallmarked Pandora Silver Unique As You Are Bangle
189£50>£75£45.00White Gold Gem Cluster Ring
190£20>£30£15.00Silver Lapis Pendant, Another Gem Set and Silver Chains etc
191£85>£130£80.00Large Silver Amber Pendant and Chain
192£20>£30£15.00Watches including Seiko etc
193£20>£30£15.00Silver Gem Rings
194£20>£30£15.00Art Deco 9ct Gold Plated Locket with Chain
195£20>£30 Did not sell Black Pearl Flapper Necklace and Another
196£125>£190 Did not sell 18ct Gold Gem Dolphin Ring
197£30>£45£40.00Pair of Alsatian League Silver Egg Cups
198£25>£40£20.00Seiko Gents Day Date Bracelet Watch
199£40>£80£50.00Chinese Red Ground Rug, 150x240cm
200£20>£30 Did not sell Two Boxes of Vintage Thermos Jugs etc
201£20>£30£10.00Box of Small Crystal Ornaments, 3 Flower Pots, LPs and 45s
202£30>£50£75.00James McIntosh Patrick, Signed Limited Edition Print, Hay Stooks, 645/850
203£50>£80£60.00Childs Petrol Motor Bike
204£30>£40£30.00Brass Oil Lamps with Cut Glass Shade and Damaged Funnel
205£30>£40£45.00Brass Pillar Oil Lamp with Glass Reservoir, Stained Glass Shade and a Funnel
206£50>£80£70.00Royal Albert Old Country Roses Tea Set with Dinner Plates, Vases etc, 31 pieces
207£20>£30 Did not sell Scratch Decorated Gourd, 35cm high
208£20>£30£35.00Mumm Champagne Ice Bucket
209£30>£50 Did not sell Gerhard Wagner, Oil Painting, Mountain Landscape
210£20>£30£10.00Shooting Stick
211£30>£40£40.00Kutani Porcelain Shallow Dish Decorated with Dragons and Birds, 36cm diameter
212£40>£60 Did not sell Walker and Hall Silver Plated Oval 2 Handle Tray, Engraved Presentation to Mr & Mrs A H Roden, Ishapore India
213£40>£60£45.00Satsuma Pottery Shallow Dish, Decorated with Many Warriors, 30cm diameter, with Fitted Box
214£20>£30£25.00Two Walking Sticks
215£20>£30£50.00Fur Jacket and a Cashmere Blend Coat
216£10>£20£10.00Legend Acoustic Guitar and Various Pictures
217£30>£40£35.00Gear 4 Music Electric Guitar and Amp
218£20>£40£55.00Persian Pattern Rug, 200x125cm
219£20>£40£10.00Persian Pattern Rug, 180x125cm
220£20>£40£50.00Persian Wool Rug, 200x125cm
221£20>£40£45.00Persian Wool Rug, 150x115cm
222£20>£40£30.00Persian Wool Rug, worn, 180x145cm
223£20>£30£10.00Large Modern Oil Painting of Flowers, 100x125cm
224£150>£250 Did not sell James McIntosh Patrick, Watercolour, Carthage, 21x30cm
225£15>£25£10.00Framed Collection of Buttons
226£20>£30£20.00Gordon Laird, Signed Limited Edition Print, Broughty Ferry, 94/850
227£40>£60 Did not sell The Walter Lindrum World Champion Cue with Metal Case
228£20>£30£40.00Six Snooker Cues and Rests
229£20>£30£50.00F. Lennox Campbell, Artists Proof, Friends, 26.5x19cm
230£30>£50 Did not sell Shaped Gilt Framed Wall Mirror, 93x68cm
231£30>£40£35.00Royal Albert Blue, Gilt and Floral Tea Set, 28 pieces, along with 2 Part Tea Sets
232£20>£30£50.00Spode Blue Colonel Tea Set, 27 pieces
233£20>£30£20.00Box of Guinness Collectables
234£20>£30£30.00Co Op Defiant Record Player and Various Records
235£15>£20£30.00Two Brass Lamps, AA Badge and Copper Items
236£15>£20£20.00Oriental Urns, Carlton and Royal Albert Dishes, Poole Teawares etc
237£20>£30£40.00Sewing Box, Work Box and Chinese Box, locked
238£20>£30£5.00Eastern and Other Bed Covers, Furs etc
239£10>£20£10.00Eight Lawn Bowls and Bag
240£15>£25£11.00Four Small Pictures of Broughty Ferry and Barnhill
241£15>£25 Did not sell Two Boxes of Books, Annuals etc
242£20>£30£20.00Four Brass and Glass Pendant Lights
243£20>£30£20.00Four Work Boxes and Small Collectables
244£15>£25£30.00Model Santa Fe Train
245£20>£30£25.00Selection of Carved Ornamental Masks and 2 Small Mirrors
246£20>£30£30.00Two Glass Domes, Soda Siphon and Brass Coffee Pot
247£20>£30£20.00Selection of 6 Decorative Boxes
248£30>£40 Did not sell Two Pairs of Spelter Figure Ornaments and an Oriental Figure
249£20>£30£40.00Leather Bound Holy Bible
250£10>£20 Did not sell Various Boxes of Books
251£20>£30£30.00Cushions and Curtains
252£10>£20£10.00Picnic Case, Suitcase, Kitchen Items, Lamps etc
253£15>£25 Did not sell Two Boxes of Antiques Reference and Sewing Books
254£40>£60£30.00Two Boxes of Vintage Tins
255£20>£40£50.00Turkish Shiraz Carpet, 200x300cm
256£10>£20£25.00Three Scrimshaw Style Ornaments
257£30>£50£55.0019th Century Mahogany Sarcophagus Tea Caddy
258£60>£100£120.00Victorian Gilt Tooled Leather Travelling Case of 3 Scent Bottles
259£15>£20£25.00Victorian Glass Inkwell
260£30>£40£35.00Two Brass Fighter Planes, Marked RAF
261£20>£30 Did not sell Edwardian Inlaid Clock and an Oriental Porcelain Urn (2)
262£20>£30£30.00Two Stuart Crystal Decanters and Another (3)
263£25>£35£40.00Lladro Woman with a Parasol and a Nao Woman with an Urn (2)
264£30>£50£30.00Royal Crown Derby Imari Pattern Jardiniere, 12cm high
265£30>£50£40.00Small Royal Crown Derby Imari Pattern Posy Vase and a Candle Snuffer (2)
266£20>£30£15.00Eastern Ornately Engraved White Metal Cigarette Box
267£60>£100£110.00Set of 6 Baccarat Crystal Wine Goblets and Decanter
268£20>£30£10.00Selection of Aynsley Pembroke and Masons Brown Velvet Ornamental Items (11)
269£50>£80 Did not sell Royal Crown Derby Imari Pattern Cabinet Plate, 27cm diameter
270£20>£30£10.00Vintage Shell Night Light
271£60>£80£60.00Gustav Becker Brass and Glass Dome Anniversary Clock
272£30>£40£35.00Chinon CE 5 Camera, Zenit E Camera and Accessories
273£20>£30£30.00Canon EOS 500N Camera, Accessories and a Voigtlander Folding Camera
274£30>£40£30.00Cased Set of Scales, Tape Measure, Cribbage Board and a Mahogany Cased Hydrometer
275£20>£30£15.00Oil Painting Coastal Scene, Chinese Silk Needlework Picture and Various Other Pictures
276£30>£50£45.00Victorian Mahogany and Brass Scales with Drawer Containing Weights
277£30>£40£20.00Vanity Fair Newmarket Print, SPY Jockey Print, Newmarket Print and a Horse Racing Print (4)
278£20>£30£20.00Selection of Horse Racing Prints, W R Flint Print, Local Scene Pictures etc
279£60>£80£100.00Victorian Mahogany Collectors Chest Containing Watch Parts
280£0>£0 Did not sell No Lot
281£60>£100£130.00Victorian Silver Plated Corinthian Pillar Oil Lamp with Crystal Reservoir and Glass Funnel, Presentation Engraved 1899
282£20>£30 Did not sell Bread Crock and a Port Dundas Flagon (2)
283£30>£40£15.00Ganesh Table Lamp with Shade
284£30>£40£30.00Arts and Crafts Brass Pedestal Bowl with Ring Handles, 28cm high
285£20>£30£30.00Taxidermy of a Duck
286£30>£50£60.00Armadillo Shell Shade Table Lamp
287£30>£50£22.00Victorian Slate Case Mantel Clock
288£30>£40 Did not sell Art Deco Style Figure Group of a Woman with a Dog, 60cm high
289£60>£80£110.00Victorian Rosewood and Brass Writing Box and a Work Box (2)
290£20>£30 Did not sell Dial Telephone and Others, 2 Throws, Stock Pot, Cooking Book Stand and Other Kitchen Items
291£20>£30£30.00Silver Plated 4 Piece Tea Set with Tray
292£30>£40£35.00Oriental Style Table Lamp with Shade
293£20>£30£25.00Silver Plated 4 Piece Tea Set with Tray
294£30>£40£30.00Caithness Glass Poppy Bowl, 24cm wide
295£20>£30£10.00Russian Porcelain Figure and 4 Porcelain Birds
296£30>£40£50.00Keith Murray Style Moonstone Pottery Vase, 27cm high
297£40>£60 Did not sell Pair of Early 20th Century Japanese Bronze Vases, 25cm high
298£30>£40£35.00Silver Snuffer Tray, London 1901
299£30>£40£15.00Cased Silver Mounted Porcelain Miss Muffet Christening Cup with a Spoon, cup handle repaired
300£30>£40£25.00Ornately Decorated Silver Plated 3 Piece Tea Set
301£150>£200£150.00Whytock and Sons Dundee Silver Basket, Engraved 1903-1928, Sheffield 1927, 16oz.
302£20>£30£20.00Cased Pair of Silver Back Gentlemans Brushes and a Comb
303£20>£30 Did not sell Capodimonte Figure of a Tramp on a Wooden Bench
304£15>£25£15.00Royal Doulton Autumn, HN5323
305£15>£25£16.00Royal Doulton Summer, HN5322
306£20>£30£15.00Lladro Figure of a Girl with a Goose
307£20>£30£20.00Three Royal Worcester Figures, Sally, Leanne and Holly
308£100>£150£300.00Arts and Crafts Copper and Enamel Religious Triptych, 24cm high
309£30>£40£35.00Grahams Port 1995, Smirnoff Vodka and Louis Roederer Champagne
310£20>£30£50.00Shelley Porcelain Tea For Two Set, No. 2456
311£20>£30£30.00Royal Crown Derby Imari Pattern Sugar and Cream and a Victorian Cup and Saucer
312£40>£60£40.00Chivas Brothers Royal Salute Whisky
313£30>£40 Did not sell Courvoisier Napoleon Cognac
314£40>£60£40.00Art Deco Style Silver Plated 4 Piece Tea Service
315£20>£30£25.00Edinburgh Crystal Ice Bucket, 18.5cm high
316£20>£30£10.00Sitzendorf Porcelain Parrot, small flower chips, 25cm high
317£50>£80£45.00Carlton Ware Hollyhocks Vase with Gilt Handle, 18cm high
318£20>£40£65.00Set of 8 Webb Corbett Crystal Tumblers, one chipped
319£30>£40£25.00Bayard Brass Carriage Clock and 3 Others (4)
320£20>£30£10.00Goebel Group of Mary and Baby Jesus on a Donkey
321£30>£40£22.00Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Clock and Another Similar (2)
322£20>£30£20.00Two Ironstone Style Jugs
323£50>£80 Did not sell Eastern Bronze Deity Figure, 29cm long, along with a Chinese Scroll
324£30>£40£25.00Pair of Victorian Fish Servers
325£15>£25£20.00Cased Set of 6 Silver Tea Spoons, Sheffield 1933
325A£30>£40£30.00Silver Engine Turned Cigarette Case, Birmingham 1942, along with a Small Silver Cigarette Bow, Birmingham 1929 (2)
326£30>£40£85.00Silver Sugar Caster, Chester 1928, along with a Silver Photograph Frame (2)
327£20>£30£25.00Set of 4 Celtic Arts and Crafts Napkin Rings, 2 Others, Toast Rack, Scent Bottle, Pepperette and Spoons
328£30>£40£100.00Two Jewel Boxes and Jewellery Including a Fob Seal
329£30>£50£50.00Five Early 20th Century Carved Ivory Figures, 6 Napkin Rings, a Frame and 2 Pots
330£20>£30£25.00Jewel Box and Jewellery
331£10>£20£18.00Scrimshaw Style Ornament
332£20>£30£50.00Vintage Valor Heater
333£20>£30£10.00Christmas Figure Table Lamp
334£20>£30£30.00Patinated Metal Knight Companion Stand, 66cm high
335£30>£40£30.00Brass Horse Table Lamp
336£30>£50£50.00Patinated Metal Thai Dancing Figure, 51cm high
337£40>£60 Did not sell Japanese Porcelain Vase having a Frilled Rim and Painted Decoration, 41cm high, with a Carved Wood Stand
338£15>£25£10.00Modern Oriental Vase, Pair of Metal Cockerel and Cutlery
339£30>£50£30.00Eastern Carved Wood Tiger and Buffalo Group, 33cm long
340£10>£20£15.00Smiths Mantel Clock
341£30>£10£20.00Pair of Patinated Spelter Figures, Travail and Agriculture, 40cm high
342£30>£40£55.00Crystal Table Lamp with Shade
343£20>£30£30.00Fishing Items, Shooting Items, Parachute, Riding Helmet etc
344£100>£150£10.00Diamond Eternity Ring
345£60>£80£60.0018ct Gold Diamond Ring
346£20>£30£25.009ct Gold Gem Set Ring
347£20>£30£20.009ct Gold Gem Set Ring
348£20>£30£35.009ct Gold Cluster Ring
349£30>£40£35.009ct White Gold Tanzanite and Zircon Ring
350£20>£30£30.009ct Gold Necklace with a Purple Pendant and Another Necklace with Pendant
351£20>£30£15.00Two Pairs of Earrings
352£20>£30£35.009ct Gold Citrine Ring
353£20>£30£40.009ct Gold Peridot Ring
354£20>£30£25.009ct Gold Green Stone Ring
355£20>£30£35.009ct Gold Blue Flower Cluster Ring
356£20>£30£50.00Oval Red Stone Ring
357£30>£40£55.00Aquamarine Set Ring
358£20>£30£25.009ct Gold Necklace with a Pendant and a Cross Pendant
359£50>£75£75.00Emerald and Diamond Ring
360£50>£80£55.00Ladies 18ct Gold Watch
361£100>£150£133.001897 Maundy Coin Set, Cased
362£20>£30£15.00Ingersol Redipoint Fountain Pen
363£50>£80£45.0019th Century Portrait and Hair Pendant, Cased
364£100>£150£95.00Ladies Tudor Royal 9ct Gold Bracelet Watch, 10.7 grams total weight
365£40>£60£35.00Clover Leaf Set Ring
366£30>£45 Did not sell 9ct White Gold Purple Stone Ring
367£80>£120£170.009ct Gold Opal Ring
368£20>£30 Did not sell Ancient Greek Silver Istros 5th-4th Century BC
369£20>£30£20.00Roman Imperial Emperor Commodus Silver Denarius 190AD
370£20>£30£25.00Marcus Aurelius Silver Denarious Alexandra 170AD
371£20>£30£20.009ct Gold Star Pendant and 2 Rings
372£80>£120 Did not sell Ornate Silver Pendant with Chain
373£20>£30£15.00Selection of Coins and Banknotes
374£400>£600 Did not sell 18ct Diamond Solitaire Ring
375£35>£55£60.009ct Gold Blue Topaz and Diamond Earrings
376£10>£15£10.00Garnet Necklace
377£45>£70£60.009ct Gold Diamond Set Brooch
378£40>£60£40.00Silver Marcasite and Smoky Quartz Bracelet
379£75>£115£75.009ct Gold Garnet and Diamond Ring
380£30>£45£130.00Amethyst, Garnet, Citrine, Peridot and Blue Topaz Bracelet
381£40>£60£45.0010ct White Gold Pink Sapphire Ring
382£35>£55£35.009ct Gold Sapphire Ring
383£20>£30£35.00Silver and Pearl Bracelet
384£30>£45£30.00Silver Heavy Pendant
385£25>£40£30.00Silver Bangle and Brooch
386£20>£30£55.00Loose Gem Stones, 4 Rubies, 3 Emeralds and 7 Diamonds
387£10>£15£20.00Box of Coins
388£20>£30£40.00Album of Banknotes
389£10>£15£15.00Album and Box of Postcards
390£40>£60£50.00Box of Stamps
391£175>£265£200.00Collection of 1858-79 British Victorian Stamps, total catalogue £2190
392£5>£10£15.00Two Large Boxes of Gift Boxes
393£5>£10£15.00Box of Postcards Wallets etc
394£20>£30£18.00Britto Disney Mickey and Minnie Figures
395£30>£50£40.00Pair of Japanese Bronze Incense Pots Decorated with Mythical Beasts, Sun and Symbols, 8.5cm high
396£20>£30£50.00Two Copper Bugles
397£30>£40£30.00Collection of 13 Royal Doulton Dickens Series Tiny Character Jugs
398£20>£30£20.00Two Eastern Curved Blade Daggers and 2 Pipes
399£30>£40£26.00Silver and Leather Pocket Watch Holder, Birmingham 1905, along with a Watch
400£30>£40£40.00Silver Snuff Box, London 1907
401£80>£120£80.00Georgian Silver Pap Boat, London 1794 by Peter and Ann Bateman (hallmark partly rubbed)
402£30>£40£20.00Silver Back Hand Mirror, Brush, Comb and Button Hook
403£30>£50£15.0018th Century Porcelain Tea Bowl and a Georgian Glass Wine Goblet (2)
404£20>£30£30.00Pair of Silver Pierced Border Bonbon Dishes, Birmingham 1916
405£20>£30£25.00Pair of Silver Mounted Cut Glass Salts, Birmingham 1901, with 2 Spoons, Cased
406£30>£50 Did not sell Three Silver Pepperettes, 2 Silver Napkin Rings, 5 Silver Teaspoons and a Pair of Butter Dishes
407£40>£60£45.00Set of 12 Silver Teaspoons with Tongs, Cased, Sheffield 1902
408£50>£80£50.00Hornby Train Tank Goods Set No. 40
409£20>£30£10.00Pair of Noritake Porcelain 2 Handle Pedestal Cups Gilded and Painted with Scenes, 15cm high
410£30>£40 Did not sell 19th Century Counter Top Bell Set with 3 Miniature Scenes of European Landmarks, 13cm high
411£15>£25£16.00Royal Doulton Best Wishes, HN3971
412£30>£40£25.00Picquot 4 Piece Tea Set
413£30>£50£45.00Collection of Silver and other Coins
414£20>£30£30.00Pair of Poole Wall Mounting Swallows
415£20>£30£20.00Three Royal Albert Beatrix Potter Figures, 3 Others and a Noddy Group (7)
416£60>£90£160.009ct Gold Amethyst and Seed Pearl Brooch
417£15>£25£25.00Silver Handle Button Hook and Shoe Horn, Birmingham 1908
418£30>£50£35.009ct Gold Cluster Ring, Pair of Earrings and a Necklace with Pendant
419£20>£30£30.00Selection of Silver and Other Jewellery and Coins
420£20>£30£60.00Parker 51 Fountain Pen
421£10>£20£10.00Small Cloisonne Vase and 5 Horse Figures
422£20>£30£20.00Box of Costume Jewellery
423£15>£25 Did not sell C. Waterman, Oil Painting, Sunset Scene
424£20>£30£75.00Donald Shearer, Oil Painting, Loch and Castle
425£30>£40£20.00Adam Barsby, 4 Signed Limited Edition Prints
426£30>£40£30.00Five Modern Framed Prints Including Kirsty Walker
433£30>£40 Did not sell Three Amber Type Necklaces
434£30>£50 Did not sell Hadeland Glass Dish by Ada Lisa Gieruldsen, 40cm diameter
435£50>£80£65.00Hornby Dublo Electric Train Set, Bristol Castle, with transformer
436£20>£30£25.00Strathearn Green to Yellow Glass Vase, 18cm high
437£15>£25£15.00Two Nao Figurines and a February Figurine (3)
438£30>£40£40.00Vasart Pale Green, Blue and Pink Swirl Glass Vase, 25cm high
439£20>£30£30.00Strathearn Shaded Green Glass Vase, 25cm high
440£20>£30£50.00Set of 6 Crystal Wine Goblets and Set of 6 Crystal Sherry Goblets, and 11 Whisky Tumblers
441£20>£30£25.00Six Piece Water Set, Crystal Vases, Jelly Comports, Jam Pot, Hock Glasses etc
442£15>£25£21.00Langham, Caithness and Other Paperweights and Wedgwood China (10)
443£30>£40£70.00A Tribute to the Armed Services Silver Proof £5 Coin Set
444£30>£40£80.00London 2012 50p Silver Coins (7)
445£30>£40£80.00Titanic Centenary Coins and Various Others
446£40>£60£55.00Victorian Inlaid Walnut Box Desk
447£20>£30£10.00Victorian Inlaid Rosewood Work Box
448£15>£25£20.00Venetian Glass Bird and Fish Sculpture, Dish and 2 Paperweights
449£30>£40£45.00Royal Copenhagen Figure of a Girl in a Night Dress, 17cm high
450£20>£30£20.00Three Royal Doulton Figures, Enchantment HN2178, Fair Maiden HN2211 and Francine HN2422
451£50>£80£30.00Royal Doulton Peregrine Falcon HN3541, No. 252/2500, with stand and certificate
452£20>£30£25.00Hereford Fine China Porcelain Wrens Group, No. 89/350, with stand and certificate
453£15>£25 Did not sell Royal Copenhagen Carlsberg Plate, Coffee Pot, Ginger Jar, Figure and 2 Ornamental Bonzai
454£20>£30£25.00Collection of Bratz and Other Dolls, Books etc
455£10>£20£25.00Nao and Other Figures and a Rocking Horse
456£10>£20£5.00Oriental Style Lamp and a Pair of WWF Urns
457£10>£20£35.00Victorian Vienna Wall Clock, no hands
458£20>£30£25.00Victorian Vienna Wall Clock
459£30>£50£40.00James McIntosh Patrick, Signed Limited Edition Print, A Country Lane, No. 107/850
460£30>£40£55.00Gilt Framed Bird Crest Wall Mirror, 66x47cm
461£20>£30 Did not sell Chinese Porcelain Peacock Decorated Charger, 46cm diameter
462£20>£30£70.00Japanese Porcelain Figure Decorated Charger, 46cm diameter
463£20>£30 Did not sell R. Boffert, Oil Paintings, European Mountain Scene, 50x32cm
464£30>£40£50.00Oil Painting of a Country Landscape, 44x39cm
465£30>£40£46.00Henry Wilkinson, Colour Etching of Pheasants, 59/150
466£20>£40£40.00Henry Wilkinson, Colour Etching of Red Setters, 18/150
467£30>£40£46.00Henry Wilkinson, Colour Etching of a Spaniel and Duck, 140/150
468£15>£25 Did not sell Framed Group of 2 African Figures
469£40>£60£50.00R. Warren Vernon, Watercolour, Landing The Catch, 29x59cm
470£20>£40£35.00Unsigned, Watercolour of a Shipwreck, 28x40cm
471£20>£30£40.00Sunburst Style Wall Mirror, 56cm diameter
472£100>£150£210.00Raeburn Dobson, Watercolour, The Harbour St. Monans, St. Andrews Fine Art Label Verso, 36x51cm
473£20>£30 Did not sell Alan Stewart, Oil Painting, Poppies and Tapestry, 69x49cm
474£40>£60£70.00John Cochran, Pair of Watercolours, Clearing Skies and Autumn Noonday, 34x44cm
475£20>£30£30.00Oval Gilt Frame Wall Mirror, 46x61cm
476£15>£25£25.00Two Barbola Frame Wall Mirrors
477£40>£60£50.00Margaret Evans, Pastels, European Scene, 47x62cm
478£20>£30£35.00John Stoa, Watercolour, Loch Scene, 34x49cm
479£80>£120 Did not sell Jackie Gardiner, Pastels, Country Scene, 48x64cm
480£20>£30£20.00Circular Bevel Edge Wall Mirror, 60cm diameter
481£30>£50£50.00D B Keith, Watercolour, Scrabster Harbour, 25x34cm, along with a Watercolour of Boats (2)
482£20>£30£20.00E. Lewis, Watercolour, Coastal Scene, 25x55cm, along with a Watercolour of Castle Ruins (2)
483£30>£50£45.00Victorian Vienna Wall Clock
484£20>£30£50.00Four Office Tables, Filing Cabinet and a Chair
485£20>£30£10.00Various Boxes of Office Crockery and Items
486£20>£30 Did not sell Wheelchair, Bedroom Chair, Small Table, Golf Bag and 4 Rugs
487£15>£25£40.00Pair of 3 Drawer Filing Chests, 2 Keys
488£15>£25£55.00Pair of 3 Drawer Filing Chests, 2 Keys
489£15>£25£45.00Pair of 3 Drawer Filing Chests, 1 Key
490£15>£25£40.00Pair of 3 Drawer Filing Chests, 1 Key
491£15>£25£55.00Pair of 3 Drawer Filing Chests, 2 Keys
492£15>£25£50.00Pair of 3 Drawer Filing Chests, 2 Keys
493£15>£25£40.00Pair of 3 Drawer Filing Chests, 1 Key
494£15>£25£50.00Pair of 3 Drawer Filing Chests, 2 Keys
495£10>£20£5.00Two 2 Door Office Cabinets, Circular Table, Coffee Table and a Microwave
496£20>£40£10.00Modern Rocking Horse
497£20>£30 Did not sell Continental Oak 2 Door Bookcase on a Cupboard Base, 146cm wide
498£20>£30£30.00Italian Style Floral Decorated Display Cabinet, 165cm wide
499£15>£25£5.00Queen Anne Style Oak Display Cabinet and Bookshelves with Books
500£20>£40£42.00Abru Extending Ladder, Halogen Lamp, Pick Axe and 2 Sledge Hammers
501£10>£20£20.00Teak Chest of 6 Drawers, Pine Dressing Table, Office Chair and Dining Chair
502£10>£20£15.00Bench Grinder and a Jigsaw
503£20>£30£25.00Modern Centre Mirror Wardrobe, 114cm wide
504£20>£30£25.00Two Vintage Trunks
505£40>£60£50.001960's Teak 8 Piece Dining Room Suite
506£20>£40£20.00Reproduction Inlaid Mahogany Chest of 4 Drawers, 76cm wide
507£40>£60 Did not sell Pair of Scots Pine Single Sleigh Bedsteads
508£20>£30£80.00Bissell Quick Wash, Various Tools, 2 Ladders and Circulation Booster
509£30>£40£60.00Dyson DC24 Vacuum
510£30>£40£40.00Indesit Washing Machine
511£10>£20£15.00Modern Robette, one handle missing
512£30>£50£50.00Victorian Mahogany Tilt Top Breakfast Table on a Tripod Base, 100cm diameter
513£30>£50£40.00Everlast Multi Gym
514£50>£80£90.00Stihl Garden Blower and a Kawasaki Hedge Cutter
515£30>£40£65.00Four Modern Cube Display Shelves
516£20>£30£20.00Modern Coffee Table, Side Table, Display Shelves, Bookshelves and a 3 Drawer Bedside Chest
517£10>£20£25.00Glass TV Stand, Pair of Metal and Glass Bedside Tables and a Mirror
518£20>£30 Did not sell Walnut Display Cabinet, 4 Pictures, Glasswares, Nest of Tables, Wine Table and Mirrors
519£10>£15£25.00TV Unit, Ikea Chair, Desk Chair, Picture and Small Table
520£20>£30£50.00Fitness Punch Bag, Weights and a Filing Cabinet
521£15>£25£20.00Glass TV Stand, Phone Seat and 2 Mirrors
522£20>£30£20.00Four Oak Ladder Back Chairs, Dining Table and Phone Seat
523£20>£30£10.00Three Nests of Tables, Piano Stool, 3 Stools, Trolley and Side Cabinet
524£20>£30£20.00Vintage Trunk, 4 Cases and a Bag of Soft Toys
525£30>£40£40.00Five Vintage Trunks
526£20>£40£30.00Arts and Crafts Oak Sideboard, some faults, Chest of Drawers, Tapestry Firescreen, Bamboo Rocking Chair and a Brass Mirror
527£30>£50£60.00Beko Tumble Dryer
528£30>£50£35.00Beko Washing Machine
529£40>£60£60.00Beko Tall Freezer and a Sharp Microwave
530£30>£50£55.00Creda Tumble Dryer
531£20>£30£45.00Modern Oak 3 Drawer Bedside Chest, 46cm wide
532£15>£25£35.00Queen Anne Style Walnut Display Cabinet, 104cm wide, along with 4 Wine Tables
533£20>£30£10.001920's Mahogany 3 Drawer, 2 Door Bowfront Sideboard on Ball and Claw Feet, 152cm wide
534£20>£30£10.00Painted Corner Cabinet and a Pair of Victorian Bedroom Chairs
535£20>£40£20.00Modern Pine 2 Door Wardrobe, 100cm wide
536£40>£60£54.00Sony Bravia 32'' TV with Remote
537£20>£40£40.00Victorian Inlaid Walnut 2 Door Chiffonier, 105cm wide
538£50>£80£60.00George III Mahogany Chest of 2 Over 3 Drawers, 94cm wide
539£10>£20£10.00Edwardian Plant Table and a Side Table (2)
540£15>£25£15.00Seven Chairs, various
541£30>£50£30.00Modern Cream Leather 3 Seat Settee
542£50>£80£85.00Pair of Cream Leather 3 and 2 Seat Settees
543£30>£50£40.00Pair of Fawn Fabric 3 and 2 Seat Settees
544£10>£20 Did not sell Blue Slip Cover Settee
545£0>£0 Did not sell No Lot
546£10>£20£25.00Victorian 2 Door Bookcase, 90cm wide
547£50>£80£55.00Victorian Oak Chaise Longue Upholstered in Striped Fabric
549£20>£30£10.00Pine 2 Door Floor Standing Bookcase, 100cm wide
550£20>£30£28.00Edwardian Oak Chest of 3 Drawers, 84cm wide
551£0>£0 Did not sell No Lot
552£10>£20£15.00Modern CD/DVD Unit, 48cm wide
553£60>£80£55.00Edwardian Mahogany Inset Top Secretaire Cabinet, 110cm wide
554£40>£60£45.00Oak 2 Door Floor Standing Bookcase, 92cm wide
555£30>£40£20.00Mahogany 3 Drawer Bureau on Ball and Claw Feet, 69cm wide
556£40>£60£55.00Oak Bookshelves on 2 Door Base, 69cm wide
557£60>£80£65.00Stag Minstrel Chest of 7 Drawers, 83cm wide
558£40>£60 Did not sell Stag Minstrel Chest of 3 Drawers, 83cm wide
559£100>£150£430.00Willis and Gambier Mahogany Tall Chest of 5 Drawers, 90cm wide
560£80>£120£300.00Pair of Willis and Gambier Mahogany 3 Drawer Bedside Chests, each 50cm wide
561£150>£200£300.00Willis and Gambier 5ft Sleigh Bed and Silentnight Mattress
562£40>£60 Did not sell Modern Metal and Glass Dining Table, 167x97cm, and 6 Chairs
563£40>£60 Did not sell American Style Mahogany Extending Dining Table and 4 Bergere Back Chairs
564£20>£30£30.00Bamboo Conservatory Table and 4 Chairs
565£20>£30£25.00Pair of Teak and Tile Top Nest of 3 Tables, each 48cm wide
566£15>£20 Did not sell Mahogany and Glass Top Nest of 3 Tables and an Oil Painting
567£40>£60£75.00Modern Pine Kitchen Workstation
568£20>£40 Did not sell Italian Style Floral Inlaid Coffee Table, 100cm long, and a Poker Work Shaped Top 2 Tier Table
569£60>£100£55.00Set of 4 G-Plan Dining Chairs
570£40>£60 Did not sell Set of 6 Victorian Oak Dining Chairs
571£30>£40£30.00Indian Carved Teak Side Table and a Moorish Style Occasional Table
572£20>£30£25.001930's Oak Work Box, 34cm wide
573£80>£120 Did not sell Pair of Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Chairs from Westminster Abbey
574£10>£20£20.00Teak 2 Tier Trolley
575£30>£40£50.00Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Occasional Arm Chair
576£20>£30£20.00French Style Deep Buttoned Fabric Chair
577£20>£30£14.00Queen Anne Style Mahogany Arm Chair
578£50>£80£60.00Black Leather 3 Piece Lounge Suite
579£30>£50£70.00Panasonic 32'' TV with Remotes, Phillips DVD and Glass Stand
580£15>£25 Did not sell Reproduction Mahogany Single Drawer Side Table and a Fold Over Top Nest of Table
581£15>£25£20.00Reproduction Drum Table
582£20>£40 Did not sell George III Oak Corner Wall Cabinet, 90cm wide
583£40>£60£30.001930's Oak Mirror Panel Coat Stand, 58cm wide
584£60>£80£125.00Victorian Oak Mirror Panel Hallstand, 82cm wide
585£0>£0 Did not sell No Lot
586£20>£30£10.00Pair of Victorian Mahogany Dining Chairs on Reeded Legs
587£100>£150£100.00Burr Walnut 6 Piece Bedroom Suite, comprising 2 Door Wardrobe, 126cm wide, Dressing Table, 123cm wide, Bedside Cabinet, 36cm wide, Tallboy, 77cm wide, and a Single Bed
588£15>£20£20.00Oak Bureau, Singer Sewing Machine and Occasional Chair
589£30>£40£40.00Two Oak Barley Twist Gateleg Tables
590£20>£30 Did not sell Three White Chests of 3 Drawers
591£10>£20£20.00Sorrento Work Boy, Lamp Table, Uplighter, Golf Bag and Clubs and Gilt Table
592£40>£60£40.00Two Modern Metal Double Bedsteads with Mattresses
593£40>£60£40.00Electric Double Bed
594£15>£20 Did not sell Four Wicker Chairs
595£40>£60£60.001960's Teak 6 Piece Dining Suite and Coffee Table
596£20>£30£60.00Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Shaped Top 3 Drawer Bureau, for repair, 79cm wide
597£60>£80£80.001920's Mahogany Centre Mirror Door Wardrobe, 152cm wide, and Double Bedstead
598£15>£20£30.00Edwardian Piano Stool
599£20>£40 Did not sell Oval Top Dining Table on an Eames Style Base, 136x90cm, and Another Base
600£20>£30 Did not sell Pair of Lloyd Loom Chairs
601£15>£20 Did not sell Tile Top Coffee Table, 135x75cm
602£20>£30£20.00Two Indian Brass Top Coffee Table
603£20>£30£20.00Two Indian Brass Top Coffee Tables
604£20>£30£30.00Old Charm Oak and Leaded Glass Coffee Table, 115x48cm wide
605£10>£20£5.00Two Newspaper Racks
606£60>£80£220.00Set of 7 Elm Seat Dining Chairs
607£20>£30 Did not sell Oak and Grass Seat Bedroom Chair
608£30>£40£40.00Teak Nest of 3 Tables, 54cm wide
609£100>£150 Did not sell G Spencer & Son Mahogany Slate Bed Snooker Dining Table, 164x87cm
610£50>£80£10.00Tan Leather 3 and 2 Seat Settees, with faults
611£100>£150£220.00Cream Leather 2 Seat Settees and 2 Electric Chairs
612£50>£80 Did not sell Arts and Crafts Style Inset Top Davenport, 58cm wide
613£60>£100£55.00George III Mahogany Chest of 2 over 3 Drawers on Bracket Feet, 107cm wide
614£40>£60£35.00Stag Minstrel 5 Drawer Triple Mirror Dressing Table, 153cm wide
615£20>£30£35.00Modern 5 Drawer Dressing Table, 150cm wide, and Stool
616£40>£60£50.00J E Coyle Chest of 6 Drawers, 115cm wide, Two Bedside Chests for Drawers, 41 and 38cm wide and 2 Single Headboards
617£30>£40£25.00Period Hifidelity Mahogany Case Music Centre
618£30>£40£50.00Reproduction Mahogany Cocktail Cabinet, 72cm wide
619£30>£40£70.00Persian Wool Rug, 130x80cm
620£30>£50£42.00Pair of Persian Pattern Rugs, 160x93cm
621£30>£40£30.001930's Oak 3 Tier Book Table, 56x54cm